Gillen, Land Confirmed As New "Invincible Iron Man" Creative Team

Last week, Marvel released teasers announcing the creative teams on a number of its titles slated to be relaunched in November, giving readers hints at what's to come for Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Deadpool, the Fantastic Four/FF, Captain America and a possible X-Men title involving the word "Legacy."

Today, we have confirmation that Kieron Gillen and Greg Land are taking over "Invincible Iron Man" when the series relaunches. In an interview with Marvel.com, Gillen provides a glimpse into his plans for the armored Avenger which involve exploring Tony Stark's relationships with women, multiple-new suits of armor and a focus on the Extremis aspect of the hero in the new creative team's initial five done-in-one issues.

"[H]e's a morally complex guy," Gillen told Marvel.com, describing the way Tony Stark has been portrayed over the last decade. "Just the fact that he found himself put in, inarguably, the position of the bad guy for a while, and that he defended it. He crushes it, actually, and there's a lovely bit in "Avengers Vs. X-Men" where he goes to Cap, 'You know, you're actually arguing what I was arguing [in Civil War],' which I loved."

As for working once more with his "Uncanny X-Men" partner, artist Greg Land, Gillen assures fans he's the right man for this gig. "['Invincible Iron Man'] really plays to many of Greg's strengths actually. When people see the issue, they'll say it makes a lot of sense that Greg is the one drawing this. I really want to play up the glamorous part though as well. Tony may be in the lab often but he's also at glamorous parties and the Tony Stark-ness of it all."

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