Gillen & Eaglesham Reveal Iron Man's Secret Origin in May

This week, Kieron Gillen began his newest "Iron Man" arc, "The Godkiller," which takes Tony Stark into space following the destruction of the Phoenix in "Avengers Vs. X-Men." While "The Godkiller" has only just started, it seems Marvel Comics is already teasing what Gillen has in store next for the Armored Avenger with a new promotional image by Greg Land. The image, with the words "Secret Origin," features a baby with Tony Stark's Mark I Armor helmet and socks colored with traditional Iron Man yellow and red and teases a collaboration between Gillen and artist Dale Eaglesham.

While Gillen's involvement (and Land drawing the teaser) implies "Secret Origin" to be the next big arc for the "Iron Man" ongoing, Marvel did not indicate in what capacity "Secret Origin" would fall into Marvel NOW!. In a recent interview with CBR on the current "Godkiller" arc, Gillen teased what readers can expect from "Iron Man" moving forward.

"By issue #10 Tony has completely changed the idea of who he is," Gillen told CBR. "These are big stories affecting him personally with a galactic scope, allowing me to introduce new villains and new characters. So I have a lot of space now and a big desire to reach out and explore it all -- these stories are a way for me to tie rockets to my back and do exactly that."

Check out Land's teaser below.

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