Gillan Says "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" Fleshes Out Gamora & Nebula's Relationship

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CBR News caught up with Gillan at the Hollywood premiere of the dramedy "The Big Short," directed and co-written by "Ant-Man" screenwriter Adam McKay and featuring Gillan in a small but memorable role. The actress spoke with us about of her return to the big screen as Gamora's meaner, more murderous sister, a character filmmaker James Gunn has frequently indicated he is eager to explore further in Marvel Studios' "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2."

CBR News: Have you gotten your script for "Guardians of the Galaxy 2?"

Karen Gillan: I have!

What was your first reaction when you read it?

I took it in my hands -- because they don't send it over email; they deliver it by hand -- and it was so cool. I was so excited, and I ran upstairs, and I put on the soundtrack, the Awesome Mixtape 2, and then got into it. It's so good.

I know you can't tell me details about the plot, but what are you excited about being able to carry your character a little further forward?

I think what I'm really excited about it delving into the sisterly relationship between Gamora and Nebula. I think that we're going to see a little bit more of that, and it's going to be a bit more fleshed out.

Are you prepared for the makeup again? Did you initially endure that thinking it was a one-time ordeal?

I kind of -- I was mentally prepared to go through it again. It's so cool. The finished product is so cool that it's just so worth it when I see it at the end.

Tell me about James' enthusiasm for these characters and this world. That's got to be really infectious for you guys in the cast.

"Infectious" is the word. James Gunn is the most enthusiastic. He's on this natural high the whole time. And it just makes us so excited about it. He just knows the world inside out. He's so passionate about it. The whole thing has come from him. It's totally his vision. It hasn't been compromised at all. It's completely down to him. So that's the most exciting thing.

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