Gigantic To Publish "Rotting In Dirtville"

Official Press Release

This August Gigantic Graphic Novels will release Rotting in Dirtville, the first graphic novel by acclaimed underground artist James Callahan.

Callahan is most know for his numerous record covers, skateboard deck illustrations and most recently the Strange Detective Tales mini series and he more than delivers on his riotous punk rock roots in Rotting in Dirtville. "Jim's fiery, kinetic art just explodes off the page." said Rick Spears Gigantic's publisher. "With one look, I knew I had to publish this beast."

And to think it all almost went horribly wrong. You see, while attending the New York Comic Con Callahan ducked out to get in some skating but after a nasty spill in a pool he suffered a double compound fracture breaking both the bones in his left arm with three bones ripping through the skin. "You're in the hospital and you want to feel secure, you know. It's like ER right, they've seen it all and they will fix you up. But the nurses kept whispering and showing each other my X-ray and gasping. That's not what you want to see. You don't want to be that guy." recounted Callahan. But fear not all is well. The arm is set, pins are in place and Jim is recovering. "And no it wasn't his drawing arm you clause bastards." added Spears.

Meanwhile between the pages of Dirtville: Earth has been invaded and small town teen, Milton Bloom, comes face to face with an army of giant decaying Martians as his quiet Dirtville becomes the front line in a strange new war. "Rotting in Dirtville" is a unique new alien invasion/teen angst epic that will appeal to fans of "Teenagers From Mars" and "Mars Attacks" get yours today!

Rotting in Dirtville, a 120 page black and white graphic novel with a full-color cover, will be available from Gigantic Graphic Novels August 2006 at the finest comic shops for $13.95.

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