Gigantic Graphic Novels Signs Deal with PGW for Distribution

Official Press Release

Gigantic Graphic Novels has just signed an exclusive deal with Publishers Group West (PGW) for distribution to bookstores, libraries and specialty markets. For the direct comic market Gigantic will still be distributed through Diamond, FM International, Cold Cut and Bulldog.

Gigantic, formed by writer Rick Spears will be releasing its first book, the collected trade edition of Teenagers From Mars (TFM) by Spears and artist Rob G. to the direct market in February and to the book market in March through Publishers Group West.

"PGW is the largest distributor of independent publishers in North America. They have fantastic experience with graphic novels and we are thrilled to be working with them," said Spears about the deal. "We've had great success with both comic and non-comic book readers with the TFM comic and we are very excited to have the collected TFM trade edition now available to booksellers. Where people had to fight to find copies of the comic before now, with PGW they will be able to find the trade in any of the major book chains, online at Amazon or even at their local specialty bookstore."

Karen Cross, Executive Vice President of Marketing for PGW had this to say on the deal, "We're pleased to welcome Gigantic Graphic Novels to our list of distinguished distribution clients. We look forward to working with them to build strong brand awareness and sales of their titles in the years to come."

For those new to the TFM series, Teenagers From Mars is about kids getting in trouble and falling in love. It's about a rolled up comic book stuffed in one back pocket with a still warm slingshot crammed in the other. It's about making comics dangerous again. TFM is the story of Macon, a young comic book artist, who is targeted by the local censors for obscenity, so he targets back. With the help of Max, a grave robbing thirteen-year-old, and Madison, the strong and independent punk beauty, he forms the world's first comic book liberation army.

TEENAGERS FROM MARS, a 272 page black and white graphic novel with a full-color cover, will be available from Gigantic Graphic Novels February 2005 at the finest comic shops and March 2005 at your favorite booksellers for $19.95.

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