Gigantic #1

Story by
Art by
Eric Nguyen
Colors by
Matthew Wilson
Letters by
Rus Wooton
Cover by
Dark Horse Comics

I've had this book on my radar since I first learned of it in those early solicits months ago (curse you "Previews"!). It looked like good fun to me. The basic premise is that a giant robot (man in an armor suit?) lands on Earth to defend the planet against invaders. That isn't anything mind-blowing. Remender adds in a twist that the appearance on Earth is just a backdrop for intergalactic entertainment, a wink and a nod or a dig and a poke at the state of the entertainment industry, or perhaps even the state of society and our "need" for entertainment.

"Gigantic" has been billed as a Godzilla movie mixed into the plot of "The Truman Show," and honestly, it doesn't stray too far from that billing. It does, however, offer a premise that promises big-screen adventure and visuals, magnificently rendered by Eric Nguyen and gorgeously colored by Matthew Wilson.

This issue may seem a little thin, but it is a first issue and it doesn't spend the entire time belaboring the setup of yet another self-inclusive comic book universe. We're given the high points, and set right down in the middle of the action. You almost expect to see credits roll or a commercial pop in at some point. I'm not worried about that right now. This issue provides a high-octane big-screen spectacle to grab the reader's attention. I am quite confident we'll learn more about the protagonist in the next issue.

With that in mind, this is easily one of the strongest debut issues I've read in quite some time. The concept is delivered, the settings are presented and the action gets moving. I don't want to spoil anything, but suffice to say, this story takes a more realistic look at the collateral that spills out of a giant robot stomping through a major metropolis, and I'm quite certain the initial ratings are going to be pretty high.

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