The Gifted Season 1 Finale Builds Toward War, Teases Showrunner

The Gifted's two-hour season finale marks a major turning point for Fox's X-Men drama, with the deadly Hound Program poised to become a national effort, and Sentinel Services discovering the long-secret location of the Mutant Underground's Atlanta headquarters. With their backs against the wall, the Struckers and their allies -- including the manipulative telepaths the Stepford Cuckoos -- must make some difficult decisions that could save their movement even as it divides their family.

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Ahead of the Season 1 finale, which airs tonight at 8 ET/PT, CBR spoke with The Gifted executive producer Matt Nix about the Strucker family in crisis, Lorna Dane's legacy, the potential threat of the Cuckoos, and his own hopes for the show's newly ordered second season.

CBR: This show has always been about family. How do the current circumstances test the Struckers and that blood bond?

Matt Nix: Andy’s perspective is what he is doing is the best thing for his family, the best thing for the people who have taken him in. That’s the same for Polaris and even for the Cuckoos. The choice Andy is making at the end of the season is not the choice for something over family. It’s him making a choice on behalf of his family and seeing himself in the context of what his family has been trying to do for generations. It certainly tests their bond, but there is still this love underneath that, which is still really important.

Our heroes don’t trust the Cuckoos, and for good reason. Are these telepaths truly the enemy, or do their viewpoint and methods simply not mesh with the Mutant Underground?

It’s very much their viewpoint doesn’t match up. In Esme’s quest to rescue her sisters – if you go back, one of the things we really paid attention to is she was willing to manipulate the Mutant Underground to get what she needed, but she wasn’t lying exactly. Essentially, she was sincere in her aims. She wanted to rescue her family. The way I look at the Cuckoos/the Frost sisters is their feeling is that in the face of the threat, that all mutants face at this point, they can’t afford to be squeamish or have too many scruples. If a little manipulation, and a little bending of the truth or sacrificing one of their own is necessary to serve the greater good of protecting mutants, that’s what the circumstances and the times call for. They just don’t make any apologies for that. Could that throw them into conflict with the Mutant Underground? Absolutely, but they are certainly not the enemy. They would argue that ultimately the Mutant Underground would be better off if they just did what they were told.

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