Gift suggestions for every taste | Vintage X-Men game, Brown's cat cards

Brigid did a round-up yesterday of various holiday gift-giving suggestions, so I thought I'd follow suit with some that I've seen lately.

• The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is auctioning off original art by Paul Pope, Eric Powell, Gabriel Hardman, Tom Fowler, Dan Paosian and many more, as well as lunch with Chew writer John Layman in New York next week.

• I remember shoveling a whole bunch of quarters into the X-Men arcade game back in the day; my friend Mike and I beat the game as Nightcrawler and Wolverine. If you have an Xbox fan in your life, they too can fight the Blob, Magneto and more in side-scrolling action, as the game will be available on Xbox Live Arcade Dec. 15. The PlayStation Network, unfortunately, won't get it until February, so you'll have to find something else this holiday season for the PS3 fan in your life. Joy to the world! The game will hit the PlayStation Network Dec. 14!

• Khepri Comics is selling Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon's Atelier, a comic they created to sell at conventions.

• Comics creator Ben Towle has a 20 percent off sale going in his web store, where you can purchase original art from books like Midnight Sun, signed copies of Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean and superhero commissions.

• IDW continues their "12 Days of Comics" sale over on their website. Today's special deal is Star Trek comics.

• Brendan McCarthy points out that Albert Moy is selling a whole bunch of McCarthy's original art.

• Brian Fies is offering a signed bookplate to anyone buying Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? as a gift this season.

• Two cartoonists whose books I recently read and really, really enjoyed -- Eleanor Davis & Drew Weing -- have a web shop with all sorts of cool stuff for sale. Let me recommend Set to Sea by Weing and The Secret Science Alliance by Davis. (Via Flog)

• And finally, more free Christmas cards ... this time by artist Jeffrey Brown, featuring cats!

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