Gift suggestions for every taste | Cooke artwork, old comics and fur coats

Darwyn Cooke is auctioning off 12 pieces of artwork, starting with a page from Parker: The Outfit, to benefit The Hero Initiative. There's a certain type of person (me) who would be thrilled to find a Darwyn Cooke original under the tree.

For those with more esoteric tastes, though, how about one of Edward Gorey's fur coats? J.L. Bell fills us in on this odd little story: Apparently fur coats were a big part of the Amphigorey creator's personal style statement until the 1980s, when he got involved in animal rights and put the coats in storage. Some of the proceeds of this sale will go to the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust to benefit animal welfare.

If you're going to be in the Cotswolds next week, check out the auction of vintage eponymous superhero comics. The first issue of Superman, Amazing Spider-Man, etc. Also on the block is the 1939 issue of Detective Comics in which Batman first made his appearance. Proceeds from the sale will go to the collector and the auction house—no good causes here.

Broke? You can still get into the holiday spirit with these Max Overacts Christmas cards. Print 'em out and send 'em to your friends; if you can't give them a fur coat, a good laugh is the next best thing.

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