Giffen and Jurgens to replace Pérez on <i>Superman</i>

George Pérez will step down as writer and breakdown artist of Superman, Newsarama reports, to be replaced by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens with Issue 7.

Pérez was teamed with artist Jesus Merino on the relaunched title, which debuted this week. There's a possibility that Pérez will remain as finisher/inker.

Superman will be the second title from DC Comics' New 52 that Giffen has stepped into as writer. News surfaced just last week that he will replace J.T. Krul on Green Arrow, teaming with Jurgens as penciler and Pérez as inker on the series.

Giffen is also drawing and co-writing O.M.A.C., while Jurgens is writing the relaunched Justice League International.

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