Giffen and DeMatteis' Boom! Studios Series "Planetary Brigade" #1 Sells Out

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Official Press Release

Los Angeles: The Bwah-ha-ha is gone! Wizard Magazine's Best New Publisher, Boom! Studios, has announced today that PLANETARY BRIGADE #1 has completely sold out at the publisher level. As a result, retailer reorders of the few remaining copies in-stock could be allocated.

Written by Wizard Magazine favorite ANNHILATION and "52" creator Keith Giffen and the creator of MOONSHADOW and ABADAZAD J.M. DeMatteis, PLANETARY BRIGADE is a two issue mini-series with a series of artists on different chapters, including HERO SQUARED artist Joe Abraham, BLUE BEETLE artist Cynthia Martin, comic book legends Eduardo Barretto and Mark Badger, as well as SMOKE AND GUNS artist Fabio Moon.

"Couldn't be happier," Boom! Studios publisher Ross Richie said. "It's a book that I'm really proud of, and it's great to see it's gotten such an excellent critical reaction and so much attention. It's clear that it's really well-received."

Launched in February of 2005, PLANETARY BRIGADE is Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis doing DC's Justice League with their own spin. Featuring Captain Valor from the hit series HERO SQUARED in a featured role, the mini focuses on showcasing a super-hero team that mixes familiar Marvel and DC-styled action with the characterization and comedy that Bwah-ha-ha Giffen and DeMatteis fans have grown to expect.

"We can't wait to get down to doing more work with these characters," J.M. DeMatteis added. "As we've written them, they've grown, evolved, and really acquired a life of their own. It's fun to see fans find their favorites, like the Mauve Visitor, Mr. Brilliant, and The Third Eye."

A flurry of reorder activity has seen the first issue of the mini-series sell out at the publisher level. As a result, orders are being allocated, and some retailers might not receive all the copies of this comic that they expected to. This follows on the heels of an increase in backstock reordering Boom! Studios is experiencing, with the recent sell-out of GIANT MONSTER.

"We're also down to our last few copies of PLANETARY BRIGADE #2," Richie said. "And I'm sure in a week or two they'll all be gone."

Since being awarded BEST NEW PUBLISHER by Wizard Magazine and nominated for the same award by DIAMOND COMIC DISTRIBUTORS for 2005, Boom! Studios has seen an uptick in sell-through and initial orders. Selling most of its outstanding backlist now, Boom! Studios is having a record year.

PLANETARY BRIGADE #2 Diamond Code: DEC052897

"I am very much looking forward to next issue. Boom! Studios recently got publisher of the year honors, and with books like this, it's not difficult to see why." -- THE COMICS REVIEW

"PLANETARY BRIGADE #1: I like me some bwah-ha-ha, is all I can say. GOOD." -- The Savage Critic

"Giffen and deMatteis... are in top form here." Steven Grant, via PERMANENT DAMAGE, at HYPERLINK "https://www.comicbookresources.com/" www.comicbookresources.com

"A strong start to what could be a very entertaining miniseries, even if you've never read Hero Squared." --Andrea Speed, comixtreme

"There's a lot to enjoy in this book... Fun stuff." -- Comics Should Be Good

"This is one of the better superhero books currently being published." --Stephanie Mangold, www.silverbulletcomics.com

"For anyone who's read comics the past twenty years, you know the team of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis has always meant creative stories filled with characterization and humor... a damn good read. Make sure to grab a copy." -- Digital Webbing

"Planetary Brigade is a glorious resurrection of all that made JLI so much fun, with the rapid-fire series of jokes bolstered by nonstop superhero action. It's ridiculous. Finally." -- Shaun Manning at Silvebulletcomicbooks.com

Check out the fan-run, fan-edited wiki for PLANETARY BRIGADE at: http://herosquared.pbwiki.com/FrontPage


Founded in 2005 by Ross Richie, Boom! Studios is a unique new publishing house specializing in high profile projects from some of the industry's biggest names. Publishing humor with Hero Squared and What Were They Thinking, venturing into horror with Zombie Tales, Jenny Finn, and Giant Monster, and showcasing thrillers with "10" and adventure with X Isle and Talent, Boom! Studios continues to be on the leading edge of comic and graphic novel publishing.

For more information on Boom! Studios, check out the official website at http://www.boom-studios.com/

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