Gibiate: What to Know About the New Anime From Vampire Hunter D's Creator

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Vampire Hunter D is one of the most famous Japanese horror franchises in the world. Based on a series of light novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano, the series has spawned numerous anime and multimedia adaptations  that have brought this post-apocalyptic world to life.

At this year's Anime Expo, the first trailer for Gibiate, Amano's next anime, debuted and introduced the world to a new post-apocalyptic, monster-filled landscape. Now, CBR is going to break down everything we know about this upcoming series, which is set to be released in 2020.

What is Gibiate about?

In Japan, 2030, the Gibia virus has infected many humans across the globe. Gibia's victims turn into different forms of animal-shaped monsters, with their final form depending on the age, sex and race of the infected. At the same time, two samurai and a ninja from the Edo period of Japanese history time travel to this apocalyptic landscape.

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They start to work together with a pair of modern researchers who are trying to find the cure for Gibia. Their journey will not be an easy one, as they will be attacked on every step of the way by the infected Gibia and by outlaws desperate for food.

Who Are the Gibiate Characters?

Gibiate’s website introduces us to a core team of four characters, each more intriguing than the next one. First, there’s Kanzaki Sensui, a Senningiri or "thousand men slasher samurai from the Sengoku period. His weapons of choice are Katana twin swords and a Western sword. Then there’s Sanada Kenroku, a ninja preferring bombs to swords who is related to Lord Sanada from the Shinano Domain. Onikura Yukinojyo, a firm but sensitive warrior monk who that fights with clubs, roughs out the series' central trio.

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Those three will work with Doctor Yoshinaga and Kathleen, Yoshinaga's assistant and a half-blood engineer who will seemingly play a significant role in the series.

Some Gibiate monster designs have also been released, and those show intricate and terrifying creatores like a bird, a lizard and a bear in addition to the spectacular were-insect featured in the trailer.

What Does Gibiate Mean?

Gibiate Bear Monster

The words Gibiate, (pronounced G-B-8,) and Gibia (G-B-Ah) derives from the French word “gibier,” or wild game.Like the infected in this anime, those kinds of animals range from the smallest rabbit to the largest bear. This word was chosen to convey the variety of shapes that the infected can assume at the end of their illness.

It is also a sly callback to Yoshitaka Amano’s masterpiece, Vampire Hunter-D, which also took place in a post-apocalyptic era and similarly featured many different monsters who had to be hunted down.

Who's Behind Gibiate?

The team behind Gibiate is an all-star roster of Japanese creators. The series is the brainchild of Yoshitaka Amano, the  acclaimed illustrator who helped revive the supernatural horror genre in the '80s with Vampire Hunter-D. Amano has also collaborated with Neil Gaiman on the Sandman graphic novel The Dream Hunters, and he became famous in the west for his character designs for Final Fantasy.

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The author behind Gibiate's original story is Ryo Aoki, who also serves as a producer on the series. The project also involves Naoki Serizawa, who worked on a  Resident Evil manga and designed hypnotic, terrifying monsters for this series. Yuzo Koshiro as the music composer and the Yoshida Brothers, contemporary shamisen players whose music was used to advertise the Nintendo Wii, will provide the soundtrack for the series.

Beyond being a series, Gibiate is also the company behind the Gibiate project and a registered intellectual brand. Their mission statement is to bring the Japanese concept of “Wa” or harmony to the Western world. Their stated goal is to produce anime that can compete on an international level with Pixar or Marvel with top Japanese creators from every branch of the arts.

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