Giant Sized Action As Earth Mightiest Heroes Meet The Agents Of Atlas!

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In July two teams of titans collide in Giant-Size Marvel Adventures - The Avengers #1. Acclaimed scribe Jeff Parker and fan-favorite penciler Leonard Kirk (of Agents Of Atlas fame) take the Avengers back to the 1950's for a team-up with the Agents of Atlas! To protect the present, the Avengers and Agents of Atlas must battle Kang the conqueror in the past.

"All-ages doesn't have to mean "for kids," and this series proves it," said Dexter K Flowers of BrokenFrontier.com. "The line-up (including Storm, The Hulk, and Giant Girl) offers a little something for everyone, and the verbal chemistry, though light, full of banter (even among the villains), and often downright funny, also stays true to each character's core."

Ray Tate of SilverBulletComics.com said "(Jeff) Parker's wit and almost instinctive knowledge as to how the Avengers should work make the reader smile on nearly every page."

Earth's Mightiest Heroes get a blast from the past in Giant-Size Marvel Adventures - The Avengers #1, an extra sized adventure chock-full of Avengers-Action and some amazing extras, including reprints of classic Namora and Venus tales (from 1947's Marvel Mystery Comics #82 & 1948's Venus #1 respectively), complete with the rarely seen covers to those issues! The Agents of Atlas impressed fans and critics with their recent limited series-by Parker & Kirk-and now you can learn about the earliest adventures of two members!

Perfect for readers new and old, Giant-Size Marvel Adventures - The Avengers #1 is a book you don't want to miss!


Written by Jeff Parker

Pencils and Cover by Leonard Kirk

All Ages …$3.99

FOC-6/28/2007 On-Sale-7/18/2007

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