GIANT-SIZE X-POSITION: Lemire Launches "Extraordinary X-Men" - Part 2

Last week we learned a lot about "Extraordinary X-Men," the flagship X-Men title of All-New, All-Different Marvel, but it was only half of what Jeff Lemire had to say about the soon-to-launch title. This time around, Lemire addresses one of the major plot points of his new series with artist Humberto Ramos: the Terrigen Mists. The Inhuman mist has had an adverse affect on mutantkind, rendering them sterile -- or worse. The ramifications of this shocking development will be felt throughout the X-Men line, and Lemire has a little bit more to say about it and how it affects the Children of the Atom.

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This week, "Extraordinary X-Men" writer Jeff Lemire returns to X-POSITION -- the second installment in a two-part GIANT-SIZE X-PO -- and answers your questions about mists, villains, heroes and more.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Jeff! Let's start the second half of this interview with a question from MiddlePegasus about one of "Extraordinary X-Men's" most talked about plot points.

Jeff! Super excited about "Extraordinary X-Men," the preview pages and team look awesome! I do want to know what the genesis of the Terrigen Mist storyline was, and how you plan to differentiate it from the previous M-Day and Legacy Virus stories. Can't wait to read it!

The biggest difference is the involvement of the Inhumans and the way that the Terrigen storyline will pull mutants and the X-Men deeper into the fabric of the Marvel Universe.

Also, I would advise not to jump to too many conclusions based on a four-page preview. The things discussed and revealed in that preview are only one scene from one issue of a much larger story. The Terrigen story is more complicated and layered than only the "sterilization" aspect, and part of a larger plan.

Speaking of the sterilization plot, teumessianfox89 wonders if a certain former mutant messiah will play a role in the story.

Will we see the effects of this new status quo from Hope Summers' perspective? So much of her storyline has been about saving mutants from extinction and after "AvX," Hope restarted the mutant race -- but now with the Terrigen Mist crisis, will she be actively involved with what's going on between the Inhumans and Mutants?

I have no immediate plans for Hope Summers in my series, but other writers may be exploring her.

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Speaking of mutant guest stars, somacula has a question about a big name missing mutant.

Will "Extraordinary X-Men" address the reason Cyclops is missing and what he was doing during the 8 month gap before going MIA?

Absolutely. Cyclops' fate and the mystery of what happened to him is a very big part of what we have planned. I would never simply dismiss or eliminate a character as important as Scott. His fate and actions may not be fully revealed in the first issue, or even first arc, but rest assured it is a major aspect of story.

Of the mutants that readers will see in "Extraordinary," Jonas has a question about one of their makeovers.

Mr. Lemire, why did you decide to make Colossus into a hipster lumberjack? It's a fairly radical change for the character.

I blame Humberto Ramos. My description asked for a bearded Piotr. Humberto did a number of designs and the look you're calling "hipster lumberjack" is the one we both loved the most. It's the same Piotr, despite the aesthetic change. Colossus has been my favorite X-Man since I was a kid. I love the character.

In addition to writing Old Man Logan in "Extraordinary," you'll also be writing him in his solo series which arrives in 2016. Jordan has a question regarding your take on the character.

In both [Mark] Millar and [Brian Michael] Bendis' takes on Old Man Logan, a common thread has been an emphasis on a road trip-type story. How, if at all, central will this be to your take? Will Logan still be a wanderer in the post-Secret Wars world?

To a degree, yes. But now he is wandering through the present day Marvel U, which we've not seen before. But his relationship with the X-Men will tether him. So there will be some wandering, but it is all leading him somewhere new.

Timdogg has a question about the foes appearing in your X-Men series.

We know that the X-Men and Inhumans will be at odds at the beginning of "Extraordinary X-Men." My question is, will you also use any classic X-Men villains in the initial arc, or are you thinking of creating brand new threats?

Mister Sinister is part of our first arc and another major X-villain will be the focus of arc two. The Inhumans storyline will be present, but by no means is it the only story we are going to tell.

Shadowbrat has a question about one of the most beloved friendships in the X-verse.

Will Magik still interact with her BFF Kitty, even though she's in a galaxy far, far away?

No immediate plans for Kitty in "Extraordinary X-Men." Kitty is busy in other titles post-"Secret Wars." I've always loved Kitty though. Hopefully at some point I'll get a chance to write her.

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With Cyclops out of the picture, Storm will step up as mutantkind's leader in your run. PattiLaBelleStormfan wants to know more about your take on Ororo.

Hello Mr. Lemire, my question is regarding your vision for Storm as the leader in this series. Without spoiling anything, could you give an idea as to what kind of direction you'll be taking her character now that she is essentially leading mutantkind? And what kind of challenge has it presented to you as a writer to convey.

I'll start by answering the second part of that question. For me, the most challenging part of writing Storm is that she is so powerful. I often have this problem with characters that have really big power sets like Storm. It's so easy fro her to summon a massive Storm or giant bolts of lightning and quickly wipe out whatever threat is facing the X-Men, so it's challenging to find obstacles or opponents that can match her.

As for her direction in "Extraordinary X-Men," as you mention, Storm will essentially be leading mutantkind now. This is a massive responsibility. The survival of an entire species rests on her shoulders. And no matter how competent or fit for that role she may be, it will still weigh heavily on her. There will be moments of self-doubt. But Ororo feels like she can't show that doubt and the burden leadership is taking on her to the others. She thinks, rightly or wrongly, that she needs to be the rock that they can all rely on.

As the series begins, Storm has separated herself form the others a bit. She is afraid to get to close to anyone for fear that they see that she may not be totally in control. Despite this need to seem totally in control, Storm is a very passionate and emotional person. This will lead to some interesting new relationships and conflicts for Storm in the series.

And we'll close out our two-part GIANT SIZE X-PO with a question from Jackraow21 about one of the book's supporting characters.

Will Forge serve as the team's tech/equipment guy like he did in Cable's recent "X-Force" team? Really loved him in that role, and can see him working especially closely with Logan due to all his black ops background and training to infiltrate hostile locations and whatnot stealthily.

I love Forge. He will indeed be the "tech guy" for the team, but again, I don't want to limit him to just that two-dimensional role. There is a lot more to Forge than just that. His complicated relationship and history with Storm will obviously play a part in the series. It's funny you mention Old Man Logan. He and Forge will indeed interact, but not quite in the way you suggest.

There is also a big surprise coming that is very much connected to Forge -- one that will have a big impact on the series and the team.

Thanks to Jeff Lemire for answering this week's and last week's questions!

Next week, you'll get to see the answers to your "All-New X-Men" questions in our video X-PO with Dennis Hopeless from New York Comic Con. Be sure to check back here next week for info on the next X-POSITION guest.

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