Marvel's Biggest Superheroes Will Team Up in War of the Realms

Giant Man War of the Realms

As the upcoming Marvel Comics crossover event War of the Realms escalates this summer, the biggest superheroes in the Marvel Universe will team up to to face the threat of Frost Giants invading Florida.

The three-issue War of the Realms tie-in miniseries Giant-Man by Leah Williams and Marco Castiello has four different heroes who are able to grow to epic proportions team up at the behest of the Asgardian All-Mother Freyja to defend the Sunshine State from Frost Giants allied with the dark elf Malekith. The cover to the first issue, illustrated by Woo Cheol, is below.

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The lineup for the titanic ensemble includes Giant-Man, Goliath, Ant-Man and Atlas who look to take the fight straight to the Ymir, the patriarch of the Frost Giants as the war for Earth intensifies.

The upcoming crossover will see Malekith lead his forces from across the mythical realms of Asgard to invade Earth and divide the planet amongst themselves. With Florida designated as New Jotunheim, only the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe can save the beleaguered state.

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Giant-Man #1 is written by Leah Williams and illustrated by Marco Castiello. It is expected to go on sale this May from Marvel Comics.

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