Ghoulish Judge Dredd Mask Gives You the Grimacing Face of The Law

If there are two things "2000 AD's" iconic Judge Dredd is known for, they are the helmet he never removes and the stern and stony facial expression he perpetually wears underneath it.

Sadly, the 1995 "Judge Dredd" movie didn't quite deliver on either of these elements (although Karl Urban's 2012 "Dredd" certainly did), but thanks to a new range of licensed masks from Ghoulish Productions, you can do a better job of being The Law than Sylvester Stallone ever could.

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Ghoulish Productions' hand-crafted latex Dredd mask allows fans to adopt both the face and helmet of Mega-City One's top Judge and it is just one of three the company has produced based on characters officially licensed from "2000 AD." Other masks in the series feature Dredd's nemesis Judge Death and the human-zombie hybrid Zombo.

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Unfortunately, the masks are not yet listed on the company's website and will not be available to the public until January 2017, so you'll have to come up with another idea for your comics-themed Halloween costume this year, but as Ghoulish Productions also produce Hellraiser, Terminator, Resident Evil, World War Z, Men In Black, and Plants Vs. Zombies masks there are plenty of other options for enthusiastic Halloween-ers to adopt.

(Via Comics Alliance)

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