'Ghostbusters' Stars Flex on Entertainment Weekly Cover

With just a month to go until the long-awaited (and controversial) new "Ghostbusters" movie hits theaters, stars Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig are in the midst of a media blitz, with their latest high-profile feature landing them on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

EW revealed the cover today, with each actress showing a bit of her character's personality.

The issue also features a roundtable interview with the four stars of Paul Feig's franchise reboot, in which they of course, address the controversy surrounding the project. "It’s a different movie, it’s a different cast, it’s many years later, and we’ve also done things that are different. It’s not just about it starring women,” Wiig said in an excerpt, noting there are more surprises to be had than merely their gender.

The cover reveal post also includes a short video of the stars making their best scary noises.

"Ghostbusters" arrives July 15 in theaters nationwide.

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