Ghostbusters Producer Says 'Many Other' Movies in Development


Ivan Reitman isn't ready to put the lid on another potential "Ghostbusters" movie just yet.

The filmmaker, who directed and produced the original "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters II" and also served as a producer for the 2016 remake, said that universe still has a lot of stories left to tell.

"There is [sic] going to be many other 'Ghostbusters' movies," Reitman said in an interview with Mr. Wavvy. "They're just in development right now,"

The 2016 remake wasn't a box office success. The subject of online backlash, the film was a $70 million loss for Sony, according to some reports. However, merchandising and other projects related to the film could have been enough to make it financially worthwhile.

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Director Paul Feig said that although he would be game to see the reboot cast of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones reprise their roles in a sequel, it was ultimately Sony's choice "because they have to pay for it."

"I get contacted all day long over social media by women thanking me for the movie, and girls and young women sending me pictures of themselves in their modern-day Ghostbusters costumes,” he said. "‘If this movie was around when I was younger I’d maybe be an engineer now, because I see these cool women who are scientists.’ So I hope the world will go, 'wow, we got upset over something that we really didn’t need to get upset over.' I’m hoping that time will rehabilitate us.”

Sony says that, while they would not comment on the status of a live-action sequel, Reitman is set to head up an animated feature that could be in theaters by 2019. He is also working on "Ghostbusters: Ecto Force," an animated TV series expected to debut in 2018.

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