Ghostbusters: Paul Feig 'Can't Wait to See' Reitman's Take on Franchise

When Jason Reitman announced he was making Ghostbusters 3 and bringing the surviving members of the original two movies back to the party, he caused a bit of controversy by saying he was going to "hand the movie back to the fans," leaving many to believe he was slogging the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot by Paul Feig.

After Reitman admitted his words came out wrong, Feig has now said he "can't wait to see" Reitman's take on the Ghostbusters Universe.

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Reitman has a strong connection with Ghostbusters. His father Ivan Reitman directed the original Ghostbusters movie in 1984 when Jason was only seven-years-old. In 1989, Jason got a chance to appear in Ghostbusters II at the age of 12.

Since that time, Reitman has become a successful filmmaker on his own, picking up two Oscar nominations for his Juno and Up in the Air. When announcing he was making Ghostbusters III, Reitman said he was not making the Juno of the Ghostbusters franchise, something that rubbed many fans the wrong way as well and might have been part of what set off Leslie Jones when she compared Ghostbusters 3 to "something Trump would do."

While Jones took the brunt of hatred online from fans who didn't want female Ghostbusters in a movie, original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd had a different idea on why the 2016 movie was considered a flop at the box office.

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"I don't want to slag a fellow artist, but had it cost a little less and had he listened to some of our suggestions on budget, then there might have been another girls movie and that would have been great," Aykroyd said.

Directed by Jason Reitman, who will write the film with Gil Kenan (Monster House), Ghostbusters is targeted for release on July 20, 2020.

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