'Ghostbusters' Parody Saves Your Childhood With 'Duded-Up' Trailer

If you're among the vocal online critics whose childhood has been "ruined" by the mere thought of the "Ghostbusters" reboot, take heart: This trailer is here to save you.

XVP Comedy has ... let's say remixed ... the trailer for Paul Feig's film, giving us an "All Manned Up Edition," complete with facial hair and manly voices for the main characters, who even get manlier names: Patton, Darren, Axel and (who could forget?) Mansmanmann.

Oh, but that's just the beginning. This parody also adds beer kegs, an NFL fantasy draft board, a tank, new dialogue and even a new, more masculine logo. Oh, and belches and farts, naturally.

But, hey, if it improves the reboot, why stop there? XVP Comedy also teases the "That's a Big Twinkie Edition" of the original, in which all the male (ahem) members of the cast expose themselves, repeatedly. Yes, even Slimer.

Now what was that about ruining your childhood?

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