'Ghostbusters' Co-Writer Addresses 'Nasty,' Premature Backlash

Even after more than a year of relentless, and often hateful, online criticism of the "Ghostbusters" reboot, co-writer Katie Dippold is still able to see the absurdity of the situation.

"There were nasty comments and before there was even a movie. At that time, there was literally no movie written, you know?" she told The Telegraph. "There’s nothing for you to watch, nothing is written and you’re already saying it’s the worst movie in the world!"

While some commenters have labeled the female-led cast a gimmick, others have accused the film of typecasting actress Leslie Jones. "The very first draft of the script, there was no cast," Dippold said. "Leslie has such strong energy and we wanted someone to be that powerful in that role. The race thing didn’t come into my mind.  ... I’m bummed people feel that way because it all came from a good place."

Although she's tired of the sexism and negativity, Dippold said she's excited to show young audiences that women can be smart and kick ass without having to be anchored down by a love interest. "I wish I’d grown up watching movies about female camaraderie - having good friends, laughing with your buddies and then from that, having a healthy relationship, having the romance," she said. "So I’ve been trying to build from there because if a kid can grow up and see a group of really fun female Ghostbusters and think ‘Maybe I want to be a scientist’ that would make me happy."

Directed by Paul Feig, "Ghostbusters" also stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. The film opens July 15.

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