Ghostbusters 2020: Ivan Reitman Shares Details on Paul Rudd's Character

Paul Rudd will trade in Pym Particles for a proton pack next year when he stars in Ghostbusters 2020. While his character hasn't been named yet, producer Ivan Reitman -- who also directed the first two films in the franchise -- has given some details regarding Rudd's role in the upcoming movie.

In an interview with ET Online, Reitman described Rudd's character as a "seismologist who's come to this small town because they've been having mysterious earthquakes. He's also teaching summer school there." However, Reitman did not reveal any more information regarding Rudd's character. It was stated earlier this year that Rudd's character would be a teacher when the actor joined the film.

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Aside from providing new information about Rudd's character, Reitman's words also add flesh out the plot of the film a little more. This description hints at a much more powerful and sinister force behind the aforementioned earthquakes, which could be a threat to the town.

Ghostbusters 2020 is directed by Jason Reitman, who also co-wrote the film with Gil Kenan. The film stars Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, Paul Rudd and Mckenna Grace. The film is scheduled for release on July 20, 2020.

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