Ghost Rider, Transformers, The Batman, Black Panther: November 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


It seems that many Australians are happy about Nicolas Cage coming to visit. According to Melbourne magazine, the production will help the area's industry. "For film workers such as Luisa Ceravolo, a freelance set dresser, the word of 'Ghost Rider' has been a relief. Ceravolo admits times have been tough in the last 12 months, with less 'bread and butter' work, such as television productions, forcing many film technicians to turn to other skills to make ends meet between film jobs."


Screenwriter John Rogers spoke to IGN FilmForce about gearing up for the Hasbro adaptation. "I have two other movies in development at DreamWorks. After reading my stuff, Mr. Spielberg asked if I would take a shot at it. There aren't a lot of guys for whom giant robots don't involve a rather large learning curve, so again, my geek lifestyle gets me in ... I was a big fan as a kid. It was one of those tricks of age that once I grew out of it as a toy, I kind of assumed it no longer existed. It was a bit of a shock to find out they're still such major cultural icons. My new hobby is collecting ads from around the world starring cars transforming into funky robots. It's amazing how many there are. From a writing standpoint, what drew me to it was the chance to write wide-screen fights on a scale not often done in Hollywood, and also cool human characters faced with such bizarre revelations."


The official website for the new WB animated series has had a "soft launch" with placeholder pages in lieu of the Batwing Level and what not.


Actor Wesleny Snipes popped in on the "Blade: Trinity" message boards talking about the Lord of the Wakandas. "I've wanted to do 'Black Panther' for years now and if the fans want it, I would be honored to bring T'Challa to life," Snipes wrote. "I read the post where Black Panther was the topic and I'd like to say it wouldn't be all that difficult for me to play another comic book character. I've played many cops, dads, hustlers, FBI agents and guys running down the street and more time than not I've been able to create distinctive personalities. It would be a fabulous challenge to animate another black comic book. To make the impossible, possible and the unbelievable, believable is one of the greatest dreams an artist has."


Actor John Glover spoke to Smallville Magazine, and Kryptonsite has all the details, having special praise for the episode "Memoria," looking at the early life of the Luthors. "That was wonderful," Glover said. "I had the chance to play with Michael as Lex, and then with the wonderful Wayne Dalglish. To go back to the root of what happened and where the sickness began between us was just wonderful, and to put all that love there in the beginning. Remember that scene with the birthday party about the box? There was such love there, and to have that color on top of the difficulty that I have with grown-up Lex riding underneath -- it was so wonderful. I so appreciated that chance." They also feature fresh spoilers about this season's 13th episode, "Recruit."


Comics Continuum has some quotes from the film's visual effects supervisor Kurt Williams. "We left Doom primarily to prosthetics, except for his electrical bolts," Williams said. Asked if Doom's body will be metal or if he'll be wearing a metal suit, Williams said, "A little bit of both. By the end, our Doom will be prominently prosthetic, but you'll see enough of the transition that you'll understand how it's happening." Giant Killer Robots is providing Doom's special effects, which Williams said are vital to the film's final act. Williams said he expects 800 to 1,000 effects shots in the film. "It wouldn't have been the same movie five years ago," Williams said. "We're able to go places with Johnny and Stretch and all the characters literally, that we couldn't have gone to five years ago. That's what makes now a better time for the movie."


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