Ghost Rider, Transformers, Smallville, Heroes: September 1st Comic Reel Wrap


Director Mark Steven Jackson has posted a Q&A from fan queries over at the official movie blog touching on subjects like why Nicolas Cage got the nod and when to expect a video game based on the film.


Faithful reader Thom Pratt was the first to email us about the Optimus Prime image (still visible at Ain't It Cool News among other spots as of press time) from the Magic Clothing Trade Show in Vegas.

There's also a big to-do over at MTV.com featuring quotes from Shia Lebeouf. "This isn't f---ing 'Freaky Friday,' " said the actor. "You want to create a pop film but not sell out. ... This is a popular film with a following." There's an interesting spoiler about the Witwicky connection to the robots in disguise.


There's a new audio interview with producer Al Gough available over at Media Geek Space, while Devoted to Smallville has reprinted the Entertainment Weekly blurb with spoilers for the new season.


Ain't It Cool News has an early review of the new NBC metahuman drama.


Comics Continuum has fourteen images from next week's episode, "Monsters."


Supervising Producer Alan Burnett sat down for an interview with World's Finest where he chatted about the changes for the fourth season, including the addition of the Boy Wonder. "This is a young Robin," Burnett said. "Definitely middle school. He's very spirited. No ego problems whatsoever. He doesn't get out of line with Batman, but he can be cocky. He has a sibling rivalry with Batgirl -- the older sister/younger brother thing. He's voiced by Evan Sabara, who's about Robin's age."


Actress Elizabeth Banks has something to say about her time as Betty Brant, and you can find out what it is at the official movie blog.


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