Ghost Rider, Transformers, 300, The Dark Knight: December 6th Comic Reel Wrap


Director Mark Steven Johnson spoke to Latino Review about the upcoming incendiary film and the differences from his past work. "We are PG-13, yeah, which I was actually really happy and surprised about because I was expecting to have to cut stuff out so it wouldn't be an R," Johnson said. "'Daredevil' was an R and I had to cut things out to make it a PG-13 and this is just like, there is so much stuff in it that I thought, 'Oh my God, we're dead.' But we made it which is amazing. You know what's funny is that what made 'Daredevil' an R is there was this scene where Bullseye kills Elektra, he gutted her Ð that was okay. He kissed her afterwards and then he threw her down. The kiss gave us an R. Isn't that weird? It's okay to kill a girl, but you just can't kiss her afterwards because somehow that's repulsive. I don't know."

The official site has been relaunched with character info, a synopsis, downloads and more.


Jalopnik has new sneak peeks at CGI for the Robots in Disguise.


TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has some major spoilers about what's to come on an episode called "Crimson," as well as some spoilers about "Heroes" as well.


There's an article in the New York Daily News about the struggle of director Zack Snyder and actor Gerard Butler had in getting the Frank Miller historical tale to the silver screen. "I trained so hard for this particular piece - it was fifteen guys and it all worked fine in the gym when you knew that Johnny comes, and then David and then Chad. But then suddenly you dress them all the same as Persians and you're like, 'Who the f--- [is who]?'" said Butler. "At the last minute, we're running out of time, and Zack came over to me and said, 'Look, I think maybe we should use a stuntman.' I think he just didn't know how badass I was yet."


The San Jose Mercury News talked to actor Heath Ledger, who had more to say about his take on the clown prince of crime. "I still feel like it's a character I've never done before," Ledger said, "and I'm going to be donning a mask. I'm not really thinking about the commercial consequences. Maybe I should be. But at this point, it's just an exciting next step."


The production has hit its thirtieth day, and a new behind-the-scenes clip at Ghost House Pictures. The Steve Niles adaptation hits theaters October 19, 2007.


The Scott Kurtz comic strip is becoming an animated series, and we've got the scoop on it right here at CBR.


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