"Ghost Rider" Trailer Hits The Web & We've Got Screen Grabs

For those looking forward to new comic based films, none have intrigued fans quite as much as "Ghost Rider." With films like "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns," we essentially knew what the character would look like in live action, but "Ghost Rider" was a real mystery. What would the flaming skull of the Spirit of Vengeance look like in action? What about the flaming hot rod he rides around in?

Today, comic fans the world over got a chance to check out Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider with the new trailer now available for download. For those of you with slower connections, or unable to watch the trailer during working hours, we've come to your aid with a whole slew of screen grabs down below.

"Ghost Rider" hits theaters in the U.S. on Feburary 16, 2007.

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