Ghost Rider, Superman, X-Men 3: May 5th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has new set photos showing the Hell Cycle all lit up and sparkly, and a very blurry shot of what appears to be Nicolas Cage in full costume.


Fox Film co-chairman Tom Rothman told Sci Fi Wire that the property-crossing film will indeed have a sequel. "We will do another one of those for sure. It was a big success," Rothman said. "In the new Alien vs. Predator they will finally actually really come to our world."


BlueTights.net has posted the 10th blog in the series, sent from the Australian sets of the film. This one discusses the intricacies of flying effects, and what can be done now that couldn't be done in the original films.


Director Matthew Vaughn took his case to the press, talking to Zap2It about his plans to woo Halle Berry back into the black leather. "The only thing about Storm that was better in 'X2' than 'X1' was she had a better haircut," says Vaughn, referring to how her long, straight locks were updated into a layered 'do for the second movie. "So, it's not going to be hard to give her more to do. I've written her a very good role so hopefully [Halle] will be enthusiastic."


Sci Fi Wire caught up with actor Ron Perlman, who confirmed that the script for the sequel is finished, and he's working on getting back in shape, as well as talking about possible storylines. "I know that they were looking to get more into the folklore of the character, you know, and less into the pyrotechnics," he said. "I guess I'll read it when I'm invited to."


Superhero Hype has the press release about the plans to bring Marvel's daywalking vampire anti-hero to the small screen. Spike TV will adapt the successful theatrical franchise Blade, based on the cult favorite Marvel Superhero, as a two-hour, action-adventure, television movie in early 2006. The announcement was made by Spike TV President Doug Herzog. Blade is Herzog's first original scripted programming announcement since he took over the network earlier this year. The action-adventure genre is largely ignored in today's television landscape, and we know it is something that our male viewers really want,' said Herzog. ''Blade' is a great movie franchise with an established brand that men already recognize and identify with' ... David Goyer is executive producer."


Once again, Devoted to Smallville has the latest trailer (Windows Media only) and their arch enemies at Kryptonsite have the screen captures. Meanwhile actress Erica Durance has another Random Rant (QuickTime) online for you to see.


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