Ghost Rider, Superman Returns: The Comic Reel Wrap for June 13th


Latino Review has an early look at Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles in the Nic Cage vehicle.


In a piece that can only be described as "whimsical," MSNBC quizzed the stars of the film, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh. It's ... something.

Anyway, actress Kate Bosworth talked to Sci Fi Wire about working with Kevin Spacey for a second time (they starred together in "Beyond The Sea"). was a very different experience, actually," she said. "It was just as wonderful and amazing. I love Kevin. He's such a special person to me, but you know, we played love interests in Beyond the Sea. He was my husband. And in this one, he's my arch-enemy. That was so fun for us to play on and laugh about ... it was fun, because in Beyond the Sea, he was directing it and producing it and starring in it, so he ... donned a lot of hats ... and was juggling a lot of balls. And this one, I got to work with him ... purely on an acting level, and that was really neat. ... I'm constantly impressed by Kevin, because he came in to do this film, and he had six weeks, and six weeks [and] not a day over, because then he had to fly on the last day of the six weeks back to London and star ... that evening in a production at the Old Vic. So in between playing Lex Luthor, where he's brilliant, he would finish a take, go to his trailer, sit outside and be learning lines for that play that he's in. And I'm sitting there, and I'm just watching him saying, 'Kevin, how are you doing this? How do you do it? I just want to know.' And he just wants to do it all. It's constantly impressive to me, and I just adore him so much."

Finally, if you want to avoid spoilers for the film, Superhero Hype strongly suggests you don't watch "The Science of Superman" on the National Geographic Channel ... and they explain some of why.


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