Ghost Rider, Superman Returns, Sin City 2, A History of Violence: August 1st Comic Reel Wrap


Now you see it, now you don't -- footage from Comicon was leaked online and summarily whacked by Sony's crack team of legal ninjas, who no doubt rappelled down and slaughtered everyone involved. Maybe. Anyway, the studio released this statement about the bruhaha: "Ghost Rider only recently wrapped principal photography, and the footage that appeared on this site represents the earliest version of a character that has not been fully rendered. While we were pleased with the overwhelming enthusiasm the footage received at Comic Con, this special convention piece was never intended for release on the internet. A final look of Ghost Rider is a long way from being realized and we look forward to your feedback more than a year from now when the film makes it way to theaters." Fancy!



What? You want another video blog? All right, check out the twentieth report from the Australian set over at the Blue Tights Network with details on the visual effects. Meanwhile, Panavision has posted eight pictures from the production and the Sunday Times comments on Parker Posey's coat. Seriously, it's at the bottom!


According to Moviehole actress Brittany Murphy has signed on to a sequel of the graphic Frank Miller noir adaptation. "I'm absolutely thrilled. It's exciting to be a part of something so big and artistically groundbreaking," she said. "I love the film and I'm ecstatic to be working with director Robert Rodriguez and the crew again." Apparently also signed on for another go-round is Marv himself, Mickey Rourke.



Director David Cronenberg talked to Comingsoon.net about bringing the graphic novel to the silver screen, sort of. "It's only because of the strange circumstances that I didn't really know that the script was based on a graphic novel," Cronenberg said. "It didn't say it on the front page, and I got involved with the project and was working with New Line, then with Josh (Olsen) doing rewrites of the script. Somebody eventually mentioned the graphic novel and I said "What graphic novel?" I have no idea why I wasn't told, but I said I guess I better read it, and I did. It took awhile for them to dig it up, because it was long out of print. I could see that although the basic premise was obviously the same, we had already gone off in a direction with the script, first because Josh had done it on his own and then I worked more that way with him-it went on a completely different direction from the novel to the extent that the novel really had nothing to offer me because it was just so different. That was basically it. I can't really say, in a sense, creatively, that I had the experience of adapting a graphic novel, because it always felt like it was Josh's original script to me. The visual elements of the novel were pretty irrelevant."



According to the actor's official site, "Cayden Boyd will play the young Archangel in 20th Century Fox's 'X3', directed by Brett Ratner. Ben Foster will play the adult version of the same X-Men character." In other news, the City of Santa Clarita has listed on its website that Chuck and the gang are coming to town.


Is that fresh spoilers you smell? Darn tootin' you do! Kryptonsite has refreshed their early details on the season's second episode, while their arch-enemies at Devoted to Smallville have an extensive translation (in two parts) of an interview Erica Durance did with a German news outlet. DTS also has a report on a set visit that has, of course, spoilers (and a photo of Kristin Kreuk)


Ever wanted to get inside the heads of the makers of the moods for all those brillaint DC animated series? Well, it's convenient for you that Toon Zone sat down with a bunch of 'em.


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