Ghost Rider, Superman Returns, Ricky, Batman Continues: September 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Legendary actor Peter Fonda talked to TV Guide about dealing as the devil. "TVGuide.com: Did you go back and look at the comic to inform how you should play the Mephisto character? Fonda: I had read a few of them before, but I thought regardless of what the guy who wrote the comics had designed here, it was up to me to put it on the screen. As it was, they let me play totally against part. Let me tell you, nobody has played the Devil quite like I do. Oh, man, I loved it. It was really cool."


Ah, there's nothing like the smell of a new video blog at the Blue Tights Network, this time looking at the miniature railroad line built for the film with Easter eggs aplenty.


Accoriding to Variety (subscription required), production company Indie Genius has acquired writer Chris Oxley's Ricky, an action-adventure film about a teen who becomes a trailer-park superhero after his near-drowning in a chemical pond imbues him with special powers.


Crispin Glover as the Joker? Not so much, or so he told Bloody Disgusting. But he would be interested in becoming the Clown Prince of Crime, and hopes the buzz makes its way to WB bigwigs.


Ready for set photos (including at least one spoiler) from Hatley Castle? A spy snapped some, and posted 'em for your convenience.


Another trailer? Sheesh, kinda overkill, huh? Kryptonsite doesn't think so. They also note that actress Alana De La Garza has been cast as "Aethyr" in the season premiere.

Finally, Comics Continuum has quotes from James Marsters about a bad hair day on set, with a bad reaction to the dye used on his hair. "It scabbed out pretty bad. There were scabs all the way around my hairline," he said. "The first very first shot, you'll have to forgive me. It looks like I have a wig, but it's not."


The writer of the original graphic novel, John Wagner, talked to Newsarama about the David Cronenberg-helmed adaptation. "Wagner did admit that even with his limited connection to Cronenberg's version of the story, the experience was 'infinitely' better than seeing once of this other co-creations, 'Judge Dredd,' make the leap to the screen in the 1995 film starring Sylvester Stallone. Overall, Wagner said that, along with the choice of director, he's very happy with the cast and the pieces he's seen from previews, and is looking forward to seeing the final result."


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