Ghost Rider, Superman, Fantastic Four, Batman Begins: November 17th Comic Reel Wrap


That Nicolas Cage is just a big old tease after all. Publicist Fiona Searson told the AAP that Cage was unaware he could let people know the papers were in the works for him to slide into Johnny Blaze's traveling leathers. "The film will be made here and he (Cage) has signed a contract... They're due to start (filming) at the end of January and that's when they always were due to start and that's what they're working towards."


Eddie wrote in to note an interview with Kevin Spacey over at IESB, where the actor confirmed he had been approached to be Lex Luthor, but would say no more. "He wouldn't clarify any further but he went on to say that he would love to work with Bryan Singer on anything, the main problem is that he is so busy as Artistic Director of the Old Vic in London he doesn't know how he would fit it into his schedule."

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype has some rumors about architecture and design for the Daily Planet offices. "Word from sources indicate that the Daily Planet is going to be in art deco style for director Bryan Singer's 'Superman,' starring Brandon Routh."


An Ioan Gruffudd fansite has reposted a set photo from the New York Times article (free registration required) which discussed the Marvel adaptation as an example of why so many films for the US market are made outside the United States.


George Clooney's connection to Gotham City isn't quite done -- Superhero Hype claims that the trailer for Christopher Nolan's Bat-flick will precede screenings of "Ocean's Twelve," which opens on December 10.


Loquacious director Guillermo del Toro spoke with Now Playing magazine about workings on the sequel. Del Toro confirmed he will pen the screenplay himself based on story ideas he and Mignola worked on this past Summer, but the filmmaker has to finish work on his next project "Pan's Labyrinth" next. He says "The storyline for this one is going to be created both by Mike Mignola and I, and we've been on the phone [talking] about it and just jamming. We have one idea that we have been nurturing since the early stages of the first film and we're fleshing it out. Most everybody is coming back. Abe Sapien is coming back. Liz, Myers...even Professor Broom is doing a little cameo. We have a moment in the movie where you see Professor Bruttenholm as a younger man reading a story to Hellboy ... You will get new characters from the B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) comics. You're going to get Johan, the guy with no body, which is a really great character. And we're going to have a little surprise cameo from one of the villains from the first film ... We're going to be thinking about late 2005 at the earliest to start pre-production. You never know with these things, but that would be a good guess."


Craig from Kryptonsite wrote in with an ... unusual rumor about a Silver Age character sniffing around the Kent farm, whose name would be the title for this season's 13th episode.

Meanwhile, the gang at Devoted to Smallville stayed up late and caught actress Jane Seymour on "The Late Late Show," guest hosted by comedian D.L. Hughley, even catching a screen capture. "'Smallville,' I know. Well, you know it's a young, hip, and fun series and I wanted to be involved in something that was young, hip, and fun. I'm playing a mom. You know at my age, you play the mom. I mean everyone else in it is about like sixteen. I play Jason's mother, Genevieve Teague. And I'm playing English for a change. Well I always played Americans. It's fun. I'm playing his mother and there's something very manipulative about me. I seem to know quite a lot about Lana, his girlfriend, with, the one that has the tattoo on her back. Somehow I end up in her dreams, somewhere with witchcraft and things like that. It's kind of interesting. I don't really know where it's going. All I know is that I'm in it for five episodes. There's something suspect about her. But I couldn't possibly…they're not even going to let me know what happens to my character." Oh, a clip from the next episode ("Bound") was shown, so of course DTS have it (Windows Media only).


IESB has a video interview (Real Player required) with director David Goyer, where he also mentions some small indie film he wrote about a guy in a rodent costume. Meanwhile. it's all about Parker Posey over at Comics Continuum, with photos of the actress in all her toothy glory.


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