Ghost Rider, Superman, Amazing Screw-On Head, Pooch Cafe: February 9th Comic Reel Wrap


Superhero Hype has a fresh spy report on what's going to happen with filming down under. Their spy wrote, "I work at motorcycle store around the corner from one of the sets they are building for 'Ghost Rider.' The set is being built in Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne on a vacant block previously used for parking. Work started a few days ago, and I've heard the location is going to be fitted as a service station (Gas station in the US, I guess). Rumour has it this will be featured for around 4 minutes in the film. In other news, production crews have been purchasing all the second hand Buell X1 motorcycles they can get their hands on, presumably to be fitted out as Johnny's stunt bike."


Ain't It Cool News has pulled together a wide web of rumors into one very interesting possible picture of the cast. Much of the web is running the correction from the Superman Homepage that "Harold and Kumar" actor Kal Penn will not be Superman's "best friend," but instead will play Riley, the "lead henchman" for Lex Luthor. However, the AICN report makes it even more interesting, suggesting that Famke Janssen has crossed the rivalry line between Fox and Warners to accept the role of Lora, birth mother to the Man of Steel, with Daniel Day-Lewis as her baby's daddy Jor-El. They also allege that Jude Law will be General Zod, Kevin Bacon will play criminal John Corbin, ad Barry Pepper will play a rival reporter at the Daily Planet.


Progress continues apace on the Mike Mignola-based animated series, according to Sci Fi Wire. "The Mignola comic book is brilliant absurdism," said Bryan Fuller, a producer on the show who also worked on the critical darling "Wonderfalls." "We took [the] concept of the comic book-which is a robot head that screws into a variety of robot bodies and fights crime with President Lincoln in the late 1800s-and decided to tell the 'real' story of the history that we read in books, like what would be between the pages of the history books. That gives you the opportunity to tell these outlandish stories that are grounded in historical fact. For instance, President Harrison died of pneumonia after 30 days in office. But you discover it wasn't pneumonia, and it wasn't fluid in his lungs, but some sort of agent that he was using to get everlasting life because he wanted to be the president of the United States forever. But what it did was turn him into a frog-man, and now he lives at the bottom of the Mississippi, and he's about to launch an attack on the Capitol. So it's those kinds of stories. We also tell the real story behind the Homestead Act, what motivated the Homestead Act. So each episode is about taking a piece of history and telling a crazy story that happened behind it."


The battling websites are back at it again, with Kryptonsite posting seven new images from the canine-based February 16th episode "Krypto." Devoted to Smallville responds with ultra-detailed spoilers about the prom-themed episode "Spirit." Finally, the Superman Homepage cuts through the chatter with an interview with Margot Kidder, discussing just why her Dr. Crosby character won't be making a comeback on the show.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "'Will & Grace' co-star Sean Hayes (news)' production company has optioned the comic strip 'Pooch Cafe' to develop as a TV cartoon. Hayes' NBC-based company, Hazy Mills Prods., which he runs with Todd Milliner, plans to shop the project around to the networks, with NBC expected to get the first look."


Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the Chinese love them some Keanu. Warner Brothers released a set of photos from the melee, and we're happy to present that for you here.

As well, check out some of our own expanded coverage on the film, including a talk with the screenwriters, one with director Francis Lawrence and images from the film. We expect to have more as the week progresses, talking with actors Djimon Hounsou, Gavin Rossdale, Shia LeBeouf and Mister Anderson, er, Constantine himself, Keanu Reeves.


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