Ghost Rider Reveals All of the Marvel Universe's Different Hells

The recent comic book relaunch of Ghost Rider has followed Johnny Blaze as he continues to acclimate to his new role as the ruler of Hell, leading his demon associates through the underworld while contending with escapees and rivals for the throne. However, this nightmarish incarnation of the afterlife is not the only one in the Marvel Universe. The back matter of the issue provides a comprehensive listing of all the versions of Hell throughout the Marvel U.

Here is a quick overview of all the different Hells listed in the debut issue of Ghost Rider and what classic characters are most often associated with them.

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The most traditional incarnation of Hell in the Marvel Universe is usually ruled by the demon Mephisto, as a sort of analogue to Satan. Given Mephisto's connection to the various Ghost Riders, the superheroes are linked to the realm and all the departed Riders -- including the recently killed Alejandra -- are seen congregating there after death.

The crossover event Damnation had the heroes of the Marvel Universe eventually replace Mephisto with Johnny Blaze as the new ruler of Hell. The classic Ghost Rider's reign continues as he ventures back to Earth after he learns of evil souls and demons escaping from his domain.



Colossus' kid sister Ilyana Rasputin was trapped in a paranormal pocket dimension known as Limbo. When she emerged, she'd aged at least seven years and was the supernatural mutant superhero Magik. Ruled by the demon Belasco, Magik's soul was corrupted so the forces of Limbo could break free and invade Earth but they were thwarted by the X-Men.

When the X-Men need a temporary refuge after facing the toxic effects of the Terrigen Mists unleashed by the Inhumans oe further persecution from the various human governments, they relocate to Limbo, with Magik's assistance, before returning to Earth after the danger has passed.

The Dark Dimension

Dormammu was exiled to the Dark Dimension by the Faltine and used his mastery over the dark arts to grow infinitely more powerful while vowing to conquer Earth. Working with Baron Mordo, the omnipotent villain plotted to overthrow the Ancient One, break free from his extra-dimensional prison and unleash his army of Mindless Ones, only to be bested by Doctor Strange.

The Dark Dimension remains one of the Marvel Universe's more esoteric alternate realities, populated by sorcerers known as Mhuruuks and Dormammu's countless hordes of Mindless Ones. Dormammu plans to weaken the barriers between dimensions for a renewed bid at spreading his dark power across the Multiverse.



Among the Norse Ten Realms, the fallen who are not worthy of enjoying the afterlife of Valhalla are sent to the Realm of Niffleheim. Dark and cold with frigid temperatures rivaling Jotunheim, the realm is populated by the various Asgardian dead and ruled by the Norse Goddess of Death Hela.

Balder the Brave recently was installed as the ruler of Niffleheim by his half-sister Angela following her conquest of the Realm. He then started a courtship with Hela, which maneuvered the longtime Thor villain back to a position of power after a period of imprisonment. Following War of the Realms, the deceased Malekith was seen living in his own personal torment in the Realm.

The Eighth City

Myth had long held that there were only Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, with the most notable being Iron Fist's former residence of K'un-Lun in the Himalayas. However, the Living Weapon discovered there is a long-lost Eighth Capital City that served as an afterlife for the various fallen champions of the other Cities of Heaven.

Danny Rand and the other Immortal Weapons join forces in Beijing to prevent the gates of the Eighth Capital City from opening and unleashing its hellish denizens on Earth. While ultimately successful, Iron Fist is briefly mind-controlled by the city's forces and linked to the Eye of Agamotto following the city's disappearance from Earth.

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Just as the Norse pantheon of deities have their own representation of Hell in the Marvel Universe, so does the Olympian pantheon, which includes the sometime Avenger and Champion Hercules. The realm is ruled by the Marvel incarnation of Hades and bears the Greek god's name. Hercules once led Amadeus Cho across the River Styx to enter Hades' domain.

Following the death of Ares and his son Phobos during the events of Siege, both Greek deities were later seen reunited in Hades, although the Greek pantheon would later be reborn more powerful than ever following the events of Avengers: No Road Home.



One of the lesser known hellish realms in the Marvel Universe is the netherworld of Sominus. Ruled by the demon Thog, the dimension is associated with the supernatural creature Man-Thing as Thog tempted the swamp-based superhero to do his dark bidding.

The Below-Place

hulk one below all

The Below-Place is ruled by a monstrous entity known as the One Below All. Radiating with gamma radiation, the barrier to the One Below All's world was weakened by the gamma bomb that first transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. The creature would later be responsible for the horrific transformations of much of Hulk's supporting cast in a bid to manipulate Hulk into freeing him before his eventual defeat.


Azazel X-Men

The X-Men are also associated Brimstone, a hellish dimension that was home to Nightcrawler's demonic father Azazel. The dimension was seen when Nightcrawler battled Azazel and his pint-sized demons following Nightcrawler's death during X-Men: Second Coming.

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