Ghost Rider: 10 Most Powerful Spirits of Vengeance, Ranked

With Hulu's new Ghost Rider series being announced recently, it's a good time to look back at the many Spirits of Vengeance we have seen over the years. From Johnny Blaze to Robbie Reyes, there's no shortage of hot-headed candidates to choose from. Among them are some of the most powerful characters we've seen in Marvel comics.

For this list, we looked at all Ghost Rider's that have appeared in the comics. Although some are not technically "Spirits of Vengeance" possessed by Zarathos, if they are a Ghost Rider or close enough, they can be on this list. Here are the top 10 Spirits of Vengeance, ranked by power level.

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10 Vengeance (Deputy Kowalski)

Siphoning off a bit of Johnny Blaze's power, Kowalski became the second character known as Vengeance. Thirsting for revenge on Blaze, Kowalski was a formidable opponent. Possessing most of Ghost Rider's powers, Kowalski also held a mythical bone chain that had a sickle on each end. This weapon was capable of cutting through almost anything. Kowalski also had the Pollution Stare in place of the Penance Stare. The Pollution Stare magnifies corruption in its victim until said victim is consumed by it. A dangerous and formidable opponent, Blaze no doubt wishes he didn't have this guy to deal with.

9 Noble Kale

The original Ghost Rider from the 1700s, Kale was extremely powerful. After his death, he became a spirit bonded with his descendant, Danny Ketch, to become a new Ghost Rider. In terms of being a host, however, Kale proved his power in battle. Riding a horse and wielding a fiery sword, he killed the legendary Furies. He's one Spirit of Vengeance you don't want to mess with.

8 Vengeance (Michael Badilino)

Michael Badilino, wishing revenge on Ghost Rider, made a deal with Mephisto for the power to defeat him. Badilino had some great battles with the Rider before learning that he was ultimately not the one responsible for the death of Michael's family. While most Riders are possessed by demonic spirits, Badilino is not. Instead, he gets his powers from the Medallion of Power. Although this makes him powerful, it does not offer quite the same power levels as other characters on this list. Imbued with all of the same powers as Ghost Rider, Vengeance is a deadly enemy. You wouldn't want to come across him in a dark alley.

7 Alejandra Jones

First appearing in the Fear Itself crossover in 2011, Alejandra Jones is one of the most adequate hosts to ever possess the Ghost Rider spirit. Having trained to be the Ghost Rider since her childhood, Alejandra was incredibly powerful from the get-go. She even used abilities other riders hadn't discovered yet. Alejandra's time at the top was short, however, since Johnny Blaze quickly took some of her power to reacquire his Ghost Rider form. Due to her lifelong training in preparation of taking on the mantle, Jones will always be one of the most powerful riders.

6 Ghost Rider 1,000,000 B.C.

Known as a member of the prehistoric Avengers, this version of Ghost Rider was most likely the first ever to exist. As a member of the Avengers, this rider imbued a wooly mammoth with hellfire to be his ride. He also showed an ability no other Ghost Rider has used before; he could control and reanimate the bones of the dead.

Alongside other heroes such as Odin and Lady Phoenix, this Ghost Rider battled a Celestial known as the Fallen. Few beings in the Marvel Universe possible match such raw power as a Celestial. Given all of these things, it's safe to say this prehistoric man was not only the first Ghost Rider, but also one of the best.

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5 Robbie Reyes

Introduced a few years ago during Marvel Comic's "All New All Different" phase, Robbie Reyes was a great character from the start. A street racing teen providing for his young, disabled brother, Robbie seemed like an underdog. This underdog status ended once he got his powers.

Robbie has defeated powerful enemies and withstood a full powered punch from the Amadeus Cho version of the Hulk. His car has also shown great resilience and an ability to plow over its enemies with ease. In the short time since he was created, Reyes has established himself as one of the stronger Spirits of Vengeance.

4 Danny Ketch

Danny Ketch is the guy that made Ghost Rider cool. Before Ketch, there was no modernized bike or cool leather jacket. With Ketch's arrival in the books brought a new wave of Ghost Rider fans that have helped make him one of the standout characters in Marvel lore.

In his time, Ketch was no second fiddle to Johnny Blaze. He showed enough strength to go toe-to-toe with Blaze in the few encounters that they have had. Some notable villains he has defeated are Blackheart and Nightmare. Not only did he defeat them both, but he did so in their home dimensions where they are most powerful. Some fans will be angry he isn't higher on the list. All that being said, it's hard to say he's stronger than these top three.

3 Red Hulk/Venom

In 2012's "Circle of Four" run of comics, Red Hulk bonded with the Venom symbiote and inherited the power of Ghost Rider. This amalgam character defeated Blackheart, and could no doubt defeat more powerful foes. Red Hulk is one of the strongest characters to start with. Bonding with Venom augments his strength and adds the additional abilities of Spider-Man. Then adding the demon Zarathos to the mix creates an unprecedented amount of potential for destruction. In time, hopefully, these three will bond again, and we'll get a better glimpse at their full might.

2 Johnny Blaze

Your favorite Ghost Rider's favorite Ghost Rider. The OG himself, Johnny Blaze has shown us time and time again that his power level is unbelievable. He's perhaps one of the most underrated Marvel characters in terms of power. What separates Blaze from the others on this list is his ability to reach the full potential of his power. He has shown the ability to defeat Dr. Strange, Mephisto—in his realm—and Asmodeus. The being Blaze is bonded to, Zarathos, has near infinite power. He is pretty much a God. Blaze acts as a human safety check on Zarathos' powers. Every now and then, however, while bonded to Blaze Zarathos is able to unleash his full power. One such example is his fight with Hulk at his most powerful in the World War Hulk storyline. Due to his ability to harness the full power of Zarathos, Johnny Blaze stands out above all others. All but one that is.

1 Cosmic Ghost Rider

In an alternate future, Frank Castle, better known as the Punisher, escaped hell possessed by the spirit of the Ghost Rider. Shortly thereafter, Castle became the herald of Galactus and was imbued with the power cosmic. This made him the most powerful Ghost Rider of all time.

In fact, he was so powerful that he had to hold back so he didn't destroy the planets he walked on. He has defeated Thanos, survived a cosmic blast from Galactus, and performed many other unbelievable feats. Although the newest one to be introduced in the comics, Frank Castle's Cosmic Ghost Rider is without a doubt the most powerful, and it isn't even close.

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