When Karen Page Became Ghost Rider's Girlfriend

This is "Looks Like I'm Moving," a new feature that spotlights instances of comic book supporting cast members that migrate from one title to another one.

Today, we look at Karen Page's foray to Hollywood and the arms of the Ghost Rider!

As you likely all know by now, Karen Page was the secretary for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, as well as the main love interest for Matt Murdock as the Daredevil series began in 1964.

Stan Lee addressed most of the standard Silver Age tropes with Matt and Karen, with her swooning over Daredevil while also carrying a torch for Daredevil's blind alter ego, Matt Murdock.

There was even a slight case of a love triangle between Karen, Matt and Foggy, but that quickly went the way of the love triangle between Reed, Sue and Ben from the earliest issues of the Fantastic Four.

Matt even pretended to be his own twin brother in an attempt to trick Karen and protect his secret identity (okay, that wasn't any of their finest moments).

However, when Roy Thomas took over the writing duties on Daredevil, he decided to mix the standard tropes a bit and in Daredevil #57, Karen actually learned Daredevil's secret identity!

However, while there is nothing inherently limiting about Karen knowing Matt's secret identity, for whatever reason the major plot twist didn't invigorate their relationship as much as you would want. Instead, it sort of kicked off an extremely slow breakup between Matt and Karen, with there even being a little bit of overlap in the title from when Gerry Conway introduced Black Widow as Daredevil's new love interest (at least things went better for Karen than the other time that Conway replaced a blonde love interest with a redhead one). Karen set off to Hollywood to become an actress and promptly vanished for a number of years!

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