9 Ghost Rider Stories We Want To See On The Hulu Series

Recently, Marvel announced that they would be premiering two new supernatural related shows on the Hulu streaming service, Ghost Rider and Helstrom. This news was met with much fanfare from long time lovers of both these characters, who have been fan favorites to enter the long line of adapted Marvel characters.

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While many are excited to see and discover Helstrom, most are focused on Ghost Rider, as it will mark as the return of Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, the hit ABC MCU show. Not much has been revealed as of yet when it comes to the plot of the show but we have some suggestions. 

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9 Robbie's Origin Story

Robbie Reyes is the star of this new Ghost Rider Hulu series, so, naturally, you'd have to start with his origin. While seen before, this series could expand upon the smaller details more, enriching not only the story but viewers' understanding of the character. Add that on top of the series’ probable more mature rating, this could make for a heck of a Hulu debut for Robbie Reyes.

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Being the more high octane, action-oriented of the Ghost Riders (while also still having a tie to his humanity through his brother Gabe), Reyes is the perfect choice as a character to explore and discover.

8 The Dr. Strange Team-Up

Between all the incarnations of Ghost Rider, each one has tangled with Dr. Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. The magical and mystical properties of their powers would naturally see these two come face to face. Often engaging in battle before realizing they have a common enemy, Dr. Strange’s appearances in Ghost Rider stories are always fan favorites, and seeing it on the small screen would be no exception.

A Ghost Rider/Dr. Strange romp would entail heavy amounts of magic and whimsy, which isn’t often seen in the world of The Spirit Of Vengeance. Likewise, we’d see a much darker side to the world of the master of the mystic arts. That while also providing a chance to connect this show to the broader world of the MCU would make for a fantastic addition to the series.

7 Ghost Rider Goes To Hell

Robbie Reyes, for the most part, is the most light-hearted and fun-loving Ghost Rider we’ve gotten throughout the years. He isn’t without his sins, though. In fact, he's very accountable for them, which would make the premise of Garth Ennis’ 2005 Ghost Rider series such a good pick for this upcoming show: Ghost Rider goes to Hell.

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Originally focusing around Johnny Blaze, the first Ghost Rider, this storyline saw Ghost Rider trapped in Hell to atone for selling his soul to the devil. He is then given a (false) chance to escape Hell, by stopping a wheelchair bound business mogul from summoning evils that even give Hell the heebie jeebies. Robbie could easily be worked into this in Johnny’s place and this is a storyline that could last an entire season. Sure, it’ll be dark as all heck, but it’s Ghost Rider. What did you expect?

6 Satan And The 666

Soon after Johnny Blaze's damnation in Hell, he had finally figured out how to escape the place for good. Unfortunately, someone else trailed along after him during his escape: the master of Hell himself, Satan. Upon re-entry on to the mortal plane, his soul was divided and distributed among 666 corpses across the world, each containing his power. It was up to Johnny to put a stop to Satan's evil plan and destroy his earthly bodies in Daniel Way's Ghost Rider series.

This storyline could easily be transported into Hulu's series and could even be the following season to Robbie's trip in Hell. While most Marvel fans aren't really well versed with the satanic side of the universe, this would be a great introduction and further deep dive into that world and character. Plus, , his plan to destroy the 666 would really be one Hell of a road trip.

5 Johnny Blaze

Jonathan Blaze was a stunt motorcyclist who had made a deal with Mephisto in order to save his surrogate father from cancer, in exchange for his soul and servitude. Ultimately being tricked by the demon, Johnny was transformed into the first Ghost Rider and the rest is history. Johnny is primarily the most popular Ghost Rider, making him the best-written and developed version of the character.

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Having a few episodes in the series where Johnny can be around Robbie would do wonders for both characters. To see them have a mentor/mentee relationship could open the door for many heart-warming moments, but hilarious ones as well. Two generations of Ghost Riders coming together sounds like a Hell of an idea to us.

4 Danny Ketch

Danny Ketch was the second to hold the mantle of Ghost Rider. Touching a cursed gas cap in order to save his sister after they were attacked by gangsters, young Danny was transformed into the spirit of vengeance. While being the second Ghost Rider, Danny's interpretation of Ghost Rider introduced many of the prevailing attributes associated with the lore, including his Penance stare.

Giving Robbie the chance to meet this former Ghost Rider would make for awesome opportunities when it comes to their interactions. Both being very young and fairly pure in their intentions, they could find common ground fairly easily. Seeing them joke as themselves and then kick butt in their Rider forms would be a Hell of a sight.

3 Ghost Rider 2099

The Ghost Rider of 2099 was a hacker named Kenshiro Cochrane who was hunted down and killed for stealing information from corrupt corporation, D/Monix. Before he died, Kenshiro downloaded his consciousness into Cyberspace, where his mind is chosen to be the avatar of Ghostworks, a hidden area of Cyberspace. Being downloaded into an advanced robot with a flaming skull, he becomes Ghost Rider 2099, avenging himself and others who D/Monix have wronged.

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While the upcoming Ghost Rider series won’t take place in the year 2099, who says Kenshiro can’t be brought to the 21st century? The fact he isn’t a spirit of vengeance makes the idea of his coming into contact with Robbie perfect. Whether this meetup is as allies or even enemies, the introduction to this robo-rider could make for an interesting episode or two.

2 Midnight Sons

The Midnight Sons are a supernatural hero group first started by the Spirits of Vengeance, Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze, in an effort to take on demonic threats that other superheroes aren't well versed in. First appearing in Ghost Rider #28 (vol. 3), the Midnight Sons became an instant fan favorite and even got their own event and printing label.

While Robbie Reyes was never a part of the original Midnight Sons, who says he can't be in this series? It would be an absolute trip to see all three Ghost Riders teaming up to serve a steaming platter of vengeance to those who deserve it. Whatever then threat may be, from Mephisto to Blackout, this team of Riders could take anyone on any day.

1 The Avengers?

Robbie once again came to the limelight of the Marvel Universe when he was chosen as one of the newest members of Jason Aaron's Avengers series. Now a fully fledged Spirit Of Vengeance, Robbie is a huge part of the team, with enough power to hang with some of the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Universe.

While very unlikely, seeing Robbie potentially be alluded to or even just shown with the Avengers in this new TV series would be fantastic to see. This occurrence would not only further cement him into a shared Universe but also give him some contrast among his fellow Avengers. You can't be dark, brooding, and scary all the time, can you?

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