Ghost Rider, Hellboy 2, Deathlok, Justice League: August 26th Comic Reel Wrap


Veteran actor Jon Voight talked to Latino Review about his possible involvement in a film featuring the flame-headed biker. "'I haven't seen the final [Ghost Rider] script yet, but if I can find a way into it I will be delighted to do that,' Voight said. 'We just have to see how the script turns out. Nic Cage is set.' Voight said that rewrites may make the character he's up for too young for him, but nothing is certain yet. Voight could only say that his would be a devil-like character, but would not name names. 'It's a very mysterious substance, that piece. It's a devil force that has enlisted this young man in his despair over losing his loved one. Then he finds that he's trapped in this aspect and then fights it. It's a very beautiful story really, beautiful love story as well.'"


Speaking of characters with demonic tie ins (The Comic Reel will always go the extra mile for a segue), director Guillermo del Toro will be part of a live chat with Empire Online this Friday. "An adaptation of the Mike Mignola comic about the world's greatest paranormal investigator (a red-skinned, wisecracking demon, no less), the film was a no. 1 hit when it opened in the States back in April. But it's finally opening here on September 3 and to discuss this, his career and anything under the sun, Guillermo is coming into the Empire office for a live webchat this FRIDAY at 4.30pm. If you have a burning desire to ask GDT (one of the nicest men in the 'biz, fact fans) anything, then click here around 4.15pm to log in."

Meanwhile, his two stars Ron Perlman and Selma Blair talked to OutNow.CH about their involvement in the sequel. "I will be in part two!" Blair said. "Liz has her strengths finally. She would better be in part two! I'm signing on to do it and I think we are shooting in one year. Probably in Prague, maybe Berlin even." When asked about the story, she replied, "Top secret. I swore myself to secrecy. I think it's going to be very beautiful. And Liz is going to be much more powerful in this one. She has to be. She sure didn't bust out a lot of moves in the last one in the end."

Perlman claims he's seen as somewhat less trustworthy: "They don't let any of their secrets out on me. I think that they really regard me as this 14-year old irresponsible adolescent, who the minute is told a secret to, is just going to be blabber all out on the internet. I'll probably find out about it, as we are shooting."


Much like a whiny ex calling to say they're done with you, a representative from Fox has been quoted in this month's issue of Wizard Magazine as saying, "We can officially confirm that Bryan is off 'X3', and that the project is moving forward." Now if "X3" starts working out, gets some hot new clothes and starts dating somebody more impressive, the cycle of revenge will be complete. Singer's not done with the franchise -- he'll still be penning issues of "Ultimate X-Men" for the publisher in 2005.


Actor Vin Diesel has posited some thoughts on how he would approach the character of Lex Luthor, if offered it, in The Daily Record: "Lex Luthor has an interesting character arc and if we could spin on the Superman concept and make something more interesting of this other dude, maybe a guy who used to be a street thug with a very keen mind, then he could be a cool motherf***** in his own right. You know, if I ever got that part, then I'd rip it. In fact, if I ever played Lex Luthor, the film would be called Lex Luthor - Lex Luthor and this crazy-ass Superman." Right.

Also, according to IESB.net the director already has someone in mind for one key role: " I think what the deal is that they want to surround an unknown with slightly more marketable names...for instance, folks like Patrick Stewart (who is apparently singer's fave for Jor-El) would have more pull at the b.o."


Speaking of actors daydreaming about comic book roles (again, the segue sticks the landing), Jude Law told Latino Review, "I haven't been asked, but I'm a huge fan of 'Watchmen.' I dream of playing Rorschach, but I'm not quite right for him."


The Los Angeles Daily News talked to actor Chris Evans about playing Johnny Storm in the Tim Story-helmed adaptation. Evans, who has been up in Canada training for the film, says, "My character flies a lot, so I have a lot of wire work and semi-wire work, plus fight combat training and all that." Shooting is scheduled to continue through January.

Also, Production Illustration apparently has some concept art for the film.


In a move that will surely inspire horror, an upcoming episode of "Justice League Unlimited" will feature musical numbers with the immortal witch Circe (voiced by Rachel York) and a very special song ... by the Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy). "Since 1991, when we first started making Batman, we always joked about making 'Batman: The Musical' because Kevin Conroy, who voices Batman, is a fine singer," said voice director Andrea Romano. "In this episode, Batman is forced to do something humiliating in order for a spell to be reversed. And what he is forced to do is sing a song, and he sings it wonderfully. You just don't get to do many musical numbers in Justice League, so that's really, really fun." This cavalcade of hilarity will also feature original SNL cast member Lorraine Newman as both Justice and Medusa. Okay.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, David Self has come on board to rewrite the big-screen version of Marvel's Deathlok for Paramount and Marvel Studios. "Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner wrote the first draft of the script, which follows a suburban family man who becomes the test subject for a technology research lab that transforms him into a living computer. Marvel Studios' Avi Arad is producing with Steven Paul and his Crystal Sky Prods. The studio is looking for a director. Paul McGuigan, who directed 'Wicker Park,' appears to be one possibility although no negotiations have begun. Lee Tamahori was previously attached to direct."


The Kids WB has posted a new gallery of images from the upcoming animated series.


Kryptonsite has a set of new notes, including a possible verification on a spoiler/rumor about singer Ben Jelen playing a DCU hero on an episode this season, more fresh spoilers about the season's sixth episode, and a description of the season from the network on the same page. If you'd like to be kept in the dark about what's to come, forget you ever read this paragraph.


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