Ghost Rider, Dr. Grave, Legion of Super-Heroes, Transformers: October 9th Comic Reel Wrap


Friday saw the release of the new trailer and already fans are raising their voices. In an attempt to quiet some concerns, director Mark Steven Johnson showed up on the Superhero Hype message boards to talk about it. " First, the TRANSFORMATION," Johnson wrote. "Ghost Rider is a PG-13 movie, albeit, a very intense PG-13 movie. The MPAA governs the movie trailers as well. And one of the rules is that you can't show people on fire in a PG-13 trailer. Obviously, this presents a problem for us. So for the fans who have wondered if that's all there is for the transformation -- God no. Not by a long shot. But that's all we can show. In fact, we had to cut many shots out of the trailer for being too intense or horrific. I'm hoping to post something on the official site on a blog in the next 24 hours so be sure to check there. Just make sure you download before it gets yanked off. Second, the VOICE. The voice of Ghost Rider can't be judged on an internet trailer. There are multiple tracks of animal growls, fire, rusty chains, etc. mixed into Ghost Rider's voice. But all of those tracks have to be terribly condensed into a trailer like this and so all you can really hear is a deep, raspy voice. Trust me, GR's voice will rock the movie house. Third, the HUMOR. Ghost Rider is not a jokey movie. It just has humor to balance the intensity (some of which you can't see in the trailer for reasons stated above). Remember that to us Ghost Rider is a known character. But to the general public he is very dark and intimidating. The marketing team are just (wisely) trying to reach as broad an audience as they can and move beyond the core group. Fourth, BLACKHEART. What you've seen in Mephisto and Blackheart are glimpses into their demons forms. But by the end of the film Blackheart will evolve into his BEAST form. You haven't seen that yet, I'm saving it. It's not exactly the comic, but it's closer, demonic, and spikey! Fifth, the POSTER. There will be multiple images to sell the movie. Some will be about the love story, the Beauty & The Beast, while others will be hardcore Skull shots. Keep an eye out for new images soon."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, GigaPix Studios, the Chatsworth, Ca.-based animation and VFX house, plans to produce a live action/CGI feature film based on the underground comic book. Ed Vis, creator of the comic book, has written the screenplay for the project budgeted at $40 million-50 million. Kenneth Kokin and Bruce L. Berman of Valor Entertainment will produce the film.


Right here at CBR, we've got a feature on producer James Tucker and how he's bringing his golden touch to the 31st century.


Producer Tom DeSanto was interviewed at IESB (Windows Media only), who said shooting continues in Alaska and that voice actor Frank Welker is still in the running for the role of Megatron.


Faithful reader Mark Brash wrote in with this story from New Zealand about bringing the property to film with Peter Jackson and the Kiwis.


There's a note at F4 Movies, "Glenn Boswell (the 'Matrix' trilogy) and Mike Mitchell ('X-Men: The Last Stand') will be coordinating the stunts in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer."


The network has posted some new videos to their online hub, including a director's cut of a deleted scene and Lois Lane and Oliver Queen at a costume party. Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has screen captures from the trailer for next week's episode "Wither," and the official network description of the October 26th episode, "Reunion."


There's a new behind-the-scenes video from the film at Ghost House Pictures, showing creator Steve Niles discussing the project.


Soundtrack.net has confirmed that composer Hans Zimmer will be back to score the sequel. Zimmer said, "Well, once I've done the next 'Batman' movie, which will finish in early 2008, I thought I'd take a year off from writing film scores and just go and do some concerts."

Meanwhile, IGN's FilmForce gets official denials from representatives of Jake Gyllenhaal, Guy Pierce and Ryan Phillipe being involved as Harvey Dent, with Katie Holmes not confirming nor denying a return due to not having a script in hand yet.


There's three posters for the Frank Miller adaptation available at Movies Online.


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