Ghost Rider, Batman Begins, X-Men 3, Superman: April 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Would you like a first look at Johnny Blaze's enchanted cycle? Of course you would. Those wonderful people at Superhero Hype are happy to show you.


Premiere Magazine printed up a new photo of actor Christian Bale in costume, and IESB were kind enough to scan it for you.


Ain't It Cool News has a rumor that actor Vinnie Jones was in the "X-Men 3" production offices, in talks to take on an undisclosed villain role. IGN's FilmForce provided a "ditto," saying, "GN FilmForce's trusty X3 source informed us that the Jones rumor is true and that the filmmakers are 'definitely' talking to him about an unspecified villain role."

Meanwhile, Now Playing talked to screenwriter Simon Kinberg, and he confirmed a widely suspected plot spoiler about Famke Janssen. He also implied that there might be some crossover in the "Fantastic Four" movie, and that there might be more characters spun off into thier own films.


Superhero Hype has a completely different first look at the logo shield for the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation. This differs from the one we reported yesterday.

Rebel billionaire Richard Branson finished up his cameo on the film, and talked to News.com about it. "Brian [Singer] invited me to appear in the Superman film and he's using a Virgin Galactic airship in the film," Branson said. "I think today I'm going to be doing a fun little cameo role with my son Sam so it's going to be a good day."

Australian fans may be disappointed, according to the Herald Sun. "No sight of the man of steel yet, and it could be a long wait. Word is the star, Brandon Routh, could film all his scenes in the US".


If you'd like to see the trailer that was shown at ShoWest, we got an email from the film's publicist with a heap of links where you can check it out, regardless of whether you prefer Real Player (30k, 100k, 330k, 1024k), Windows Media (30k, 100k, 330k, 1024k) and QuickTime (30k, 100k, 330k, 1024k).

As if that's not enough links, the official soundtrack website has been launched, with details about the music of the film.

Also, Comics Continuum has some quotes from associate producer David Gorder, saying that reshoots in vancouver have completed. "We shot some excellent new scenes which will augment the story and add some great and classic character moments the fans will really enjoy," Gorder said. "We have headed back to L.A. for the final weeks of post production. John Ottman will begin scoring the movie in May, and Tim Story will be selecting a very cool title design for the opening titles as he completes editing and mixing the movie. Expect to see some new one sheet art in the coming weeks as well, as we completed some additional gallery shooting with the cast to promote the movie worldwide on billboards and movie posters."

Finally, Premiere Magazine had an article and image, and a fan was kind enough to scan that for you as well.


Kryptonsite has a series of tidbits today, including confirmation of a ninety-minute season finale, a promotional poster for upcoming episode "Ageless," more hacked Lex Luthor emails (this time from Lionel) and putting the kibosh on a tie in with the Bryan Singer film in season five.


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