Ghost Rider, Batman Begins, Spider-Man 3, Superman: February 1st Comic Reel Wrap


The Courier reports that Columbia Pictures will film a scene for Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage and Wes Bentley, in Bacchus Marsh. "Moorabool Shire Mayor Peter Russell said the shire was delighted to attract Ghost Rider to Bacchus Marsh. 'It will be a very high profile scene, because it's going to be shot on a very major roadway,' Cr Russell said. 'The spin-offs to the community are fragmented, but it is great for the shire,' he said. A Ghost Rider Production Company spokesperson confirmed a scene would be shot in Bacchus Marsh in April or May. 'Filming starts on February 14,' he spokesperson said. 'The Bacchus Marsh scene was going to be at the start of the film, but it has been rescheduled to towards the end of the film.'"


Superhero Hype has some more tidbits about the Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation. First, looking at the composition of the soundtrack: "In addition to the three songs from Green Day (the two newly recorded tracks, and 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,' the theme to the film), newly recorded tracks from The Cure, Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, Pearl Jam, Dave Navarro, Chevelle, and Metallica. Making for a total of 11 songs."

They also had a poorly-spelled note from a scooper who'd seen the first standee in theatres. "I was seeing 'Meet the Fockers' at the Cinema 25 in downtown Boston today when on my way out I saw this huge 'Batman Begins' cardboard stand. It is very large-about 10 feet high and 12-14 feet across. Ill go back for a picture and try to send it in if i can figure out how to download it. It's the same pic of batman from the international teaser but right below his utility belt is the cool new bat logo with the word in big white letters BEGINS in the middle-below the symbol is the the word "JUNE" in white, with the cast and crew beneath. No tagline, but on the right side corner below the logo is a new picture of the Batmobile -- it is in the batcave, front facing the middle of the poster, looking at from the side. Its a cool picture. Across from it is a cool picture of Batman and Rachel hanging from something-the same view as when vicki and batman are hanging in the alley on the close up shot in the original batman, i believe. All this stuff is under Batman, whose cape is spread out as the huge black backround. Its a real eye graber (sic)."


Chatty actor J.K. Simmons is back, and Superhero Hype has that as well. "I asked was 'is there a script'. He said 'yes' but it will only be released to the 4 main characters (PP MJ HO and the bad guy 6 weeks before filming. Everyone else gets it 2 weeks before EACH SHOOT! this is to ensure nothing gets leaked."


The kids at Kryptonsite step out of their comfort zone to chime in with some rumors, including a possible casting choice for Jor-El and a possibly spoiler-esque description of the movie itself.


Stepping back into more familiar waters, Kryptonsite has a deluge of newly-released promo images from past episodes, including "Facade," "Scare," "Bound," and last week's "Unsafe." They also have fresh photos for an upcoming episode titled "Krypto."

Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville caught actress Jane Seymour on the View and transcribed the interview for your reading pleasure.

Finally, the network has posted preview clips for this week's episode "Pariah," in dialup, DSL/cable and "good googa mooga, your connection's fast" speeds.


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