Ghost Rider 2, Red, Prince of Persia: Nov 5th Comic Reel


Screenwriter David S. Goyer tells MTV News the sequel will not reboot the series. "It's a bit more stripped down and darker. It's definitely changing tone. What 'Casino Royale' was to the Bond movies, hopefully this will be to 'Ghost Rider'," says Goyer. Set some eight years after the first film, the writer says, "It doesn't contradict anything that happened in the first film, but we're pretending that our audience hasn't seen the first film."

Release date: TBA


John C. Reilly and Mary-Louise Parker are in talks to appear in the film, according to the Heat Vision Blog at The Hollywood Reporter. Reiley will play a fellow agent, while Parker will play "a federal pension worker who becomes embroiled in the Willis character's struggle to stay alive."

Starring Bruce Willis, release date: November 19th, 2011


In case you missed it, here at CBR we have an interview with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and "Prince of Persia" creator Jordan Mechner. The pair discuss the trials of adapting the game for feature films.

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, release date: May, 2010


Ain't It Cool News asks Ed Norton about his interest in the film. The actor is candid: "Things like that to me are always completely dependent on what they make of it. You know what I mean? It's like anything can be the crappy version of itself or the great version of itself and if it's the great version of itself, then that's one thing. If they don't get it right, then I don't know, then I think... A lot of it depends on what they come up with."

Starring Robert Downey Jr., release date: May 4th, 2012


Total Film has an interview with director Guillermo Del Toro about the lengthy pre-production process. Del Toro says the design he is most proud of that is that of the dragon Smaug. "The bulk of the design took about a year, solid. It's because of the unique features of the dragon," he says. "Early in production I came up with a very strong idea that would separate Smaug from every other dragon ever made. The problem was implementing that idea. But I think we've nailed it."

Release date: December, 2011


Ain't It Cool News has its first reader review of the film from a test screening. I didn't read it as I'm avoiding some spoilers. The reviewer opens with positivity, however: "It is fucking awesome!!!" That's right, three exclamation marks good.

Directed by Matthew Vaughan, release date: April 16th, 2010


Solipsist Films has picked up the Joe Casey written comic to develop as a feature, according to Comics2Film at Mania.com.

Release date: TBA


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