Ghost in the Shell: Kuze Issues a Threat in New Promo

The latest "Ghost in the Shell" promo has arrived, and this time the focus is on the film's main antagonist: Kuze.

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The footage is a lot more abstract than the action sequences we've seen in the Scarlett Johansson-based promos, and serves as the character's manifesto against Hanka Corporation and the people Kuze holds personally responsible for his creation.

Played by Michael Pitt in the upcoming movie, Hideo Kuze was one of the primary antagonists in “Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex 2nd GIG.” In the manga, Kuze is a cyborg with an unmoving sculpted face, and is the leader of a terrorist group known as the Individual Eleven.

The film version of Kuze is shrouded in mystery, but he does seem to share some kind of connection to Johansson's Major, and both characters sport fully cybernetic prosthetic bodies.

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Based on Masamune Shirow’s popular cyberpunk manga, as well as Mamoru Oshii’s anime adaptations, the live-action film stars Johansson as a cyborg-human hybrid who leads Section 9, a task force assigned to stop cyber-criminals. Now they face a new enemy devoted to destroying Hanka Robotic’s artificial intelligence technology.

Opening March 31, “Ghost in the Shell” also stars Pilou Asbæk, Beat Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, Michael Pitt, Kaori Momoi, Rila Fukushima, Chin Han, Danusia Samal, Lasarus Ratuere, Yutaka Izumihara and Tuwanda Manyimo.

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