Johannson's Ghost in the Shell Lands Funko Pop! Line


Taking full advantage of London's Toy Fair this week, Funko has showcased quite a few impending Pop! Vinyl releases. Figures included in the company's recent reveals include vinyls of Jessica Jones and Daredevil, Naruto, Deathnote, and a lineup of classic Nickelodeon characters. In addition to all of those, the company revealed three characters from the Scarlett Johannson-starring "Ghost in the Shell" live-action adaptation.

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Fans will have their chance to bring home cute versions of Major, in her sleek white suit; Batou, eerily capturing actor Pilou Asbæk's appearance from the film; and Geisha. There's no word yet whether these will be the only figures based on the movie, but assuming the film does well, there may be more down the road.


Based on the internationally-acclaimed sci-fi property, “Ghost in the Shell” follows Major, a special ops, one-of-a-kind human-cyborg hybrid, who leads the elite task force Section 9. Devoted to stopping the most dangerous criminals and extremists, Section 9 is faced with an enemy whose singular goal is to wipe out Hanka Robotic’s advancements in cyber technology.

Opening March 31, 2017, “Ghost in the Shell” also stars Pilou Asbæk, Beat Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, Michael Pitt, Kaori Momoi, Rila Fukushima, Chin Han, Danusia Samal, Lasarus Ratuere, Yutaka Izumihara and Tuwanda Manyimo.

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