Getting Some Action: Casey talks Man Of Action Website Relaunch

width="230" height="153" alt="" align="right" border="0">Next week, San Diego will once become a Mecca for pop culture pilgrims as the 2006 Comic-Con International in San Diego opens its doors. Some of the comic industry's biggest news will be revealed to convention attendees and four of the comic industry's top professionals -- Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven Seagle -- have devised a way to deliver some big news to convention guests as well as people unable to make the big event. The foursome, who collectively are known as Man Of Action Studios, will be relaunching their website with a series of live blog updates direct from the convention floor. CBR News spoke with Joe Casey about what visitors to the site can expect.

The Men Of Action felt that their old site wasn't serving their needs and felt that CCI was the perfect time to unveil their new site. "The earlier version was great for what it was, but available technology soon outpaced the kind of website we'd been doing," Casey told CBR News. "Now, to be able to present more instantaneous updates, the blog tech, etc. plus all the various projects that we're doing -- both individually and collectively as Man Of Action -- necessitated a spot on the glorious World Wide Web where everyone could come and get the latest info on what's up with the sprawling MOA organization. Needless to say, www.manofaction.tv has been redesigned, rejiggered and re-energized."

Fans of Casey, Kelly, Seagle, and Rouleau will want to check the re-energized site often during Comic Con and after the event has wrapped. "From Comic-Con itself, there's no limit to the amount of posts we'll do," Casey said. "Could be one every hour. Maybe even more frequently than that. Something's always happening on the main convention floor, and our booth -- #2007 -- is right in the thick of it. Once that mammoth event has come and gone, we're shooting for updates -- sometimes more than one -- each and every work day. Remember, there's four of us, and we've committed ourselves to keeping the site fresh and active. Fingers crossed, but we tend to kick each other's asses enough that anyone who shows up to the site every day won't be disappointed by what they find there."

Visitors to the site can expect to find some big news there. The creators plan to use the Man Of Action website as a venue to make all sort of big announcements about their latest projects. "We may break a few things live during the Con, simply because we'll be able to write about them before the news sites can catch up," Casey explained. "Personally, I'm announcing two new Image projects on Saturday, so I'm sure I'll be hopping onto the site and commenting on it soon after, showing off the preview art and whatnot. That is, if I don't end up doing it beforehand. Y'know, I can be sneaky like that."

The guys of Man of Action won't be the only ones being sneaky during Comic Con. Casey promised some mystery guest stars will also be blogging on the Man of Action site throughout the Con. "Some we know, some might be obvious, and I have no doubt there'll be some surprises over the course of the show," Casey said. "Between the four of us, we pretty much know everyone in the industry and, if they're at the Con, they're all fair game. And anyone who shows up to the booth may get roped into some live blogging, so everyone bring your pith to booth #2007 and get ready to join in the fun."

The fun won't just consist of project announcements. Visitors should expect the Man of Actions blogs to be about anything under the sun. "We may end up telling tales that terrify fans," Casey said. "But we've never been in the public muck-raking business. Privately, sure. Although, in the heat of live blogging... you never know what might slip out. And we won't have much control over what the various guest stars bring to the party. As time goes on, post-Con, we'll be blogging mainly about the various projects we're doing, showing some work-in-progress at various stages of development. An interesting mix of behind-the-scenes stuff involving a wide variety of media, since there's probably isn't a medium we're not working in at the moment."

The Man of Action Website will be a multi-media experience both during and after Comic Con. The site will feature photos taken around the convention and exclusive sneak peeks at the creators' latest projects. "It'll be up-to-the-minute photos showcasing who showed up at the booth and other random chaos," Casey said. "Be it fellow professionals or even enterprising fans -- it's all fodder for this multi-media event. For everyone who can't make it to San Diego this year, we want it to feel like you're actually there with us. Once we're all back home, tucked into our respective cocoons, we'll be posting exclusive art, video material, etc. For all the 9-to-5 day jobbers out there, it'll be everything you'd want out of a site designed to help you coast through the tedium of your average working day."

The average convention experience for many comic professionals usually involves evenings at the bar and even though they will be busy during the day, the Man of Action crew still plans to tour the taverns and consume many potables. "Adding this amount of work during the day means we'll be partying twice as hard at night," Casey explained. "You know as well as I do, the alcohol circuit is as important to the Con experience as the actual Con itself. Some of us like to throw back more than others, of course, but overall, we expect the requisite late nights and early mornings."

As Casey mentioned, CCI only marks the commencement of the Men of Action's plans for their website. "Comic-Con is only the beginning of our site's new lease on life. We want www.manofaction.tv to be a destination site for people, so beyond the Con, we'll be on there every day, posting announcements, showcasing art work, breaking exclusive news, detailing progress on our various projects in comic books, animation, TV, film... not too mention four varied opinions on every subject under the sun. The full force of Man of Action in full effect."

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