Getting Ahead: Gischler on New Deadpool Series

Most villains in the Marvel Universe will agree the only thing worse than going up against an un-killable man like Wolverine is going up against Deadpool, an un-killable man who won't shut the hell up!

However, said villains will discover there is something even worse than that in July, when the new ongoing series "Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth" begins. In the series; first arc, Wade Wilson teams up with the one person in the Marvel U that's just as chatty as he is- an undead flesh-hungry version of himself!

CBR News spoke with series writer Victor Gischler about the team-up and his plans for the Bong Dazo-illustrated series.

"Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth" was born when editor Axel Alonso called Gischler up to ask him if he knew anything about Deadpool and if he'd like to write some comics starring the character. "That's like calling and asking what I know about gold and would I like a few bags full of the stuff," Gischler told CBR News. "The mix of comedy and action is too cool to resist."

The other element that made "Merc With a Mouth" so compelling to Gischler, who's best known as the author of novels like "Go Go Girls of the Apocalypse," was the title's insane lead character. "A bit of madness is always delightful. I write novels also, and people seem bemused by my ability to make horrible graphic violence and nasty situations funny," the writer said. "Deadpool is the perfect character for this; a good laugh in the middle of the most ghastly thing happening. I also love his inner voices and the running commentary. At his core, Deadpool is a decent sort of fellow, but there are so many layers of violent craziness surrounding that core, that a writer can't help but see the opportunities."

Gischler is particularly enjoying the storytelling opportunities of Pool-o-Vision, a device introduced by "Deadpool" writer Daniel Way, whereby readers see the world from Wade Wilson's fractured perspective. "I should probably send Mr. Way a box of cigars because Pool-o-Vision has been fun as hell," Gischler remarked. "It's such a clever way to get inside Deadpool's head and get a load of his world view. He has this warped view of reality, but somehow he always makes it work for him. Mr. Way, do you smoke cigars? Let me know the brand."

"Merc With a Mouth" kicks off with a six-part arc titled, appropriately, "Head Trip." "AIM operatives hire Deadpool to steal a key component of a bio-weapon before Hydra can get their hands on it. Deadpool finds himself caught in the middle of these two organizations," Gischler explained. "Turns out the secret ingredient of the bio-weapon is the head of Zombie Deadpool. Deadpool actually finds himself in an action-packed buddy picture with himself!"

Zombie Deadpool crossed over from the Zombieverse and into the Marvel Universe in the third installment of the "Marvel Zombies" series. His actions in that book lead to a fight that left his body destroyed but his head still brimming with undead life. The head of Zombie Deadpool also makes an appearance in "Marvel Zombies 4" #1, in stores now.

"The Zombie books kick all possible ass and everyone should immediately order 6-8 copies of each of the Zombie titles, but Deapool readers will be able to catch up no problem," Gischler said. "But what happens in 'Marvel Zombies' is very necessary to make what happens in 'Merc with the Mouth' possible. Big kudos and thanks to the Zombie crew."

Deadpool's mission to recover the head of his undead doppelganger sends him to the Savage Land, where he must contend with obstacles and adversaries like agents of AIM and Hydra, zombie cavemen, and a pretty biologist who steals his heart. "For the plot to work, we all agreed Deadpool needed to travel to some remote place," Gischler explained. "The Amazon? The frozen North Pole? Then I hit on the idea of the coolest remote location in the Marvel Universe. The Savage Land! Lots of cool toys to play with and plenty of fun times for Deadpool."

His adventures in the Savage Land will bring Deadpool face to face with an eclectic cast of supporting characters both established and brand new. "AIM and Hydra thugs are certainly familiar to Marvel readers. As is a certain Savage Land resident with a loin cloth," Gischler teased. "Of my own invention is Dr. Betty, the pretty face who adds a bit of excitement to Deadpool's life. And maybe a few surprises later on ... GALACTUS! (Okay, no, not Galactus.)"

The tone of "Head Trip" is a heady (sorry) mixture of action and comedy, and Gischler feels his collaborator Bong Dazo has captured that perfectly in his artwork. "Here's how it works. I write what I think would look cool--and then Bong comes along and totally blows me out of the water with something ten times better than I envisioned," the writer said. "Hats off to a master artist. Seriously, I've already seen some previews of his work, and it's tip notch."

Gischler's first Marvel work was the one-shot "Punisher: Little Black Book" from Marvel's MAX line. He followed that up with "Wolverine: Revolver," a one-shot that hits stores in June, and an arc on the MAX series "Punisher: Frank Castle" which also begins in June. "Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth" is the author's first ongoing comics series, and he couldn't be happier at landing the assignment. "When Axel green-lighted me for the gig, it made me think I really had to step it up to earn the faith he was placing in me. I plan to do my best, and so far things seem to have started off pretty well. I'll do it as long as they let me and as long as I feel I'm doing a good job."

"Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth" #1 goes on sale in July from Marvel Comics.

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