Get Your '90s On With The Crystal Method At Blood-Soaked "Blade Rave" At NYCC

While Wesley Snipes continues to talk up a potential future for Blade, the Marvel Comics vampire-turned-movie star will get another kind of honor during New York Comic Con.

Set for the night of October 9, BBQ Films is planning a "Blade Rave" in New York City to recreate the iconic fight scene from the opening of the original 1998 comics adaptation. The company revealed today that on hand for the event will be '90s electronica stars The Crystal Method (who contributed songs to some of the Blade sequel films) and cosplay all-star Jessie Harris (pictured below).

The event will take place "after sundown" at Manhattan's Terminal 5, and aside from a choreographed recreation of the film's opening fight, the party will of course feature a sprinkler system spouting blood on partygoers.

For more info on the event and tickets, check out h​ttp://bbqfilms.com/project/blade-rave/

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