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Get Set to Gear Up with “Gotham City Impostors”

by  in Video Game Comment
Get Set to Gear Up with “Gotham City Impostors”

While it’s not your typical comic book fare (or, for that matter, your typical Batman game), “Gotham City Impostors” is shaping up to be a sweet first-person shooting experience — especially when you team-up with friends. Unfortunately, the game will miss its January release, and is now on the schedule for February.

Luckily, it’s not a long delay, plus, it will give you time to get ready for the manic first-person shooting action the game provides. If you didn’t already get enough intel from our previous hands-on report, we’ve got some additional tips that will help you dominate “Gotham City.” What’s more, it doesn’t even matter which team you’re on. These tips work well with both the Batmen and the Jokerz.

Dress To Impress

Customization is a big plus in “Gotham City Impostors.” It’s really cool to dress up your warriors however you see fit, whether you dress them in leather slacks or decide to go crazy in a tutu.

Even though your choice of clothes doesn’t affect on your in-game performance, we recommend going all out with your character design. Don’t be afraid to go a little over-the-top with your costume choices. Designs tend to be overlooked when it comes to multiplayer, leading some folks to think that you merely rushed on character choice just to get in the game. To show that you really mean business, make some unique decisions before you hit the battlefield.

Besides, there’s no greater pleasure than hearing someone yell over a headset, “I just got blown up by a guy in a tutu!”

Take To the Skies

Ground combat is an essential part in “Gotham City Impostors,” since your team will be scrambling to capture control points and take out people from behind with surprise attacks, but the upper levels of each map can also work to your advantage. There are various tools of choice that can get you up high in a hurry, including mini-trampolines and grappling hooks, where you can take pot shots at incoming enemies and set yourself up for sniper kills.

However, keep in mind that just because you take the high ground, it doesn’t make you invincible. Your enemies are just as capable as reaching upper levels as you are, and can easily jump you from behind while you’re “camping” (i.e. waiting for someone to come into target range), so keep an eye open, or better yet, set a trap or have a teammate watch your back to warn you about the enemy’s approach.

Mix Up Your Weapons

In most first person shooters, gamers tend to prefer to utilize a pre-set weapon that gets the job done, rather than experimenting. With “Gotham City Impostors'” arsenal, however, we can’t recommend mixing up your battle techniques enough. You’ll have access to a variety of cool weapons, and even though they’re of the handmade variety, they’re all capable of getting the job done quite efficiently. In addition, you have other tools of the trade to work with, including exploding jack-in-the-boxes and boomerangs. Don’t be afraid to implement these in battle — anyone can shoot a gun, but it’s when you distract someone with a secondary weapon and then take them out that you achieve the true satisfaction of the kill.

Not everyone will follow this advice, since the run-and-gun style that works so well in games of this nature continues to be effective in “impostors,” but believe us, playing around with whatever weapons you get your hands on will pay off, especially as you gain more experience. Plus, your friends will probably love you for it. (Or hate you, if you accidentally blow yourself up. Ouch.)

Practice Makes Perfect

Whenever a new first-person shooter hits the market, there are those who adapt and dominate quickly, leveling up before other players even have a chance to power on their consoles. This might frustrate those less-than-experienced players checking out “Impostors” for the first time, however, we suggest sticking with it. The more you play, the more experienced you become, locating key points on a map during a round of Psychological Warfare or running through Amusement Mile like a champ. It won’t be long before you’re playing just as well as the others — and maybe even better, if you can learn how to use your secondary weapons effectively.

Have Fun

Finally, let’s be honest: “Gotham City Impostors” was created with a less-than-serious tone in mind. This isn’t “Batman: Arkham City,” so you won’t need to go discover hidden secrets about Bruce Wayne’s troubled past in order to get every last bit of gameplay. Monolith, the same developers who worked on the “F.E.A.R.” series, built this game with a tongue-in-cheek approach, making it more about having laughs with friends than saving the day as a superhero.

You’ll learn this in the game’s tutorial, where a pair of fellow Batmen walk you through the ropes of how to use weapons and abilities while sounding off about the lack of secrecy in their home base. (You can see a tall building outside, clearly marked with a logo.) While some abilities are easier to get master than others (the dive bomb technique is awesome once you learn it) the game as a whole is built for casual gamers to jump in, create the craziest team you possibly can and have a good time with your friends — which is why it doesn’t include any type of single player mode.

So, when the game launches next month, that’s precisely what you should do. Oh, and don’t be afraid to shoot us down online. We’ll get you back in the long run…!

“Gotham City Impostors” launches this February on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

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