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August 19, 2004 – So you're looking to have your storyor art published, but can't quite seem to crack intothe majors? Independent publisher, GEEKPUNK, hasteamed with the popular resource website for writers,SCRYPTIC STUDIOS, to bring you the opportunity tofinally see your name in print!

One lucky winner will be selected by HERO HAPPY HOURcreator, Dan Taylor, to have his or her storypublished in GEEKPUNK's upcoming HERO HAPPY HOUR SUPERSPECIAL 2005!

"Speaking from first hand experience, it's an uphillbattle for the would-be comic book writer to bepublished for the first time," said Taylor. "WithHERO HAPPY HOUR I now have the ability to offer achance for these would-be comic book writers to gettheir first publishing credit and their foot in thedoor. The first HERO HAPPY HOUR SUPER SPECIAL hadstories contributed by a handful of up and comingtalents as well as the likes of Steve Niles, ScottMorse, Todd Nauck, and Tom Beland."

What's the catch? Only one ... you've got to registerto win! This contest is open to SCRYPTIC STUDIOSmessage board members only, so if you want play,you've gotta stay!

Here are the rules:

• The contest is open only to members of the SCRYPTICSTUDIOS message boards. You can join the boards athttp://www.scrypticstudios.com and register to win! Contestants must provide their board username to beeligible to win.

• Story length must be two-to-four pages in length –no less, no more.

• The story must take place within THE HIDEOUT BAR &GRILL. No other locations will be accepted.

• You are free to use characters of your own creationor any character that appears in the regular HEROHAPPY HOUR issues. Other creator owned characters thatappeared in the HERO HAPPY HOUR SUPER SPECIAL 2004 areexcluded for obvious legal ownership issues. You canfind more about characters appearing in HERO HAPPYHOUR at http://www.geekpunk.com.

• Keep all material PG-rated.

• Submit a complete two-to-four page script with atleast one page of unlettered sequential art thatcorresponds to at least one of the pages from thescript.

• The final art for the winning submission must becompleted by November 30, 2004. If finished artwork isnot submitted in time GeekPunk reserves the right toreward the prize of publication to another.

• Any scripts submitted without an example ofsequential art will not be considered.

• All original characters created will remain theproperty of the creator.

• The winning entry will be published in HERO HAPPYHOUR SUPER SPECIAL 2005, and will receive 12complimentary copies to share with the artist asneeded.

• No financial compensation will be awarded to thewinning writer. GeekPunk will not be responsible forfinancial compensation for any artwork.

• GeekPunk is the sole originator of this contest andSCRYPTIC STUDIOS accepts no responsibility orliability.

• GeekPunk reserves the right to modify these rules asthey see fit.

• All artwork must be Black and White or Grayscaleonly. No color work.

• Lettering chores will be provided by GeekPunk.

• For more information, visithttp://www.scrypticstudios.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=843.

The contest deadline for having your script consideredis September 30, 2004. At least one page of sequentialart that corresponds with the submitted script must beincluded. Any submissions without an accompanying artexample will be disqualified. Submissions should beemailed to hhhss2005contest@geekpunk.com with attachedscript in doc or rtf format with b/w or grayscaleartwork in gif or jpg format.

The winning submission will be announced no later thanOctober 15, 2004.

"I think this contest is a great way to promote thegoal of SCRYPTIC STUDIOS; which is to get peoplewriting and being creative. Dan's created a wonderfulcast of characters, and we're very excited that hewould let our members into his home to play with histoys," said Scryptic member, Ryan Scott Ottney.

"With any luck, people won't just register and leave. We're hoping to gain some new friends on the SCRYPTICSTUDIOS message board."

# # # #

ABOUT SCRYPTIC STUDIOS: SCRYPTIC STUDIOS is an online writer's studio andresource center, founded in June 2004 by Ryan ScottOttney (http://www.ryanscottottney.com); enlisting thehelp of Kevin Melrose, Jeff Stevenson, Jim Keplinger,and Dan Taylor. The purpose of SCRYPTIC STUDIOS is toprovide writers of all types a place where they caneasily access story references and resources, as wellas discuss ideas and techniques with other writers.SCRYPTIC STUDIOS gives writers a place to bethemselves.

ABOUT GEEKPUNK: First and foremost, GeekPunk is a publisher of comicbooks. We could be called small press,self-published, or independent. But, we prefer theterm guerilla publishers. Formed in order to publishthe comic book HERO HAPPY HOUR, GeekPunk continues topublish additional issues of HERO HAPPY HOUR as wellas exploring other entertaining comic book venturesfor those looking for something different. Foradditional information visit the GeekPunk web site athttp://www.geekpunk.com.

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