Get energized with this 'Star Trek'-style home elevator

Although we're probably a couple of centuries away from Star Trek-style transporter technology, this will do for now.

U.K. company Terry Lifts is marketing futuristic Lifestyle Home Elevators -- "U.S.S. Enterprise Home Transporters" would probably cause trouble -- that would presumably replace those dated, and far less fun, stair lifts. Capable of carrying up to 550 pounds, they don't require an elevator shaft; they can be tucked in the corner of a room. Of course, it'll take you more than a couple of seconds to dematerialize upstairs.

Sure, they're intended for the elderly and anyone else who might need a little help moving between floors, but with a few added sound effects and lights, these would sell like gangbusters to Star Trek fans. I've never wanted an additional story on my house more than I do right now ...

(via Nerd Approved, Geekologie)

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