Get Acquainted with the Creatures of Universal Studios' 'Skull Island: Reign of Kong' Attraction

Universal Studios has offered a new look at the creatures of the upcoming attraction at their Orlando Resort, "Skull Island: Reign of Kong," which is set to open ahead of the release of the Tom Hiddleston-led "Kong: Skull Island" film.

Universal debuted the new behind-the-scenes look at the attraction on their blog, sharing the following video:

In addition to the footage, they detailed a few of the creatures we can expect on "Skull Island":

Arachno-claw"These carnivorous arachnids move throughout the swampy underworld of the island’s dark caverns, foraging for dead or injured creatures. The six-legged scavenger uses its crab-like claws to crush its prey before feasting on the remains."

Carnictis"The giant, slug-like Carnictis lacks eyes or facial features. But its gaping, oozing mouth—ringed with sharp, jagged teeth—is a distinguishing feature that allows this slow but relentless creature to feed on dead and wounded beings that have succumbed to the wretched, murky chasms of the island."

Decarnocimex"One of the largest and most aggressive cave-dwelling inhabitants on the island, the Decarnocimex will attack anything smaller or weaker that dares to cross its path. These vicious insects tear apart their prey with their razor-sharp mandibles and two-bladed forearms."

Terapusmordax"These are the largest flying predators on the island, with wingspans up to 10 feet. They live in colonies within the island’s interior caverns and are easily provoked. Spearing victims with lethal talons, they use large carnivorous fangs to penetrate anything—or anyone—caught in their jaws of death."

Vastatosaurus rex"The V. Rex is the largest, most intimidating dinosaur that roams the island’s dense jungles. Despite its large, bulky head and tough leathery skin, it’s an agile predator, changing direction at high speeds and ripping into its prey with razor-sharp teeth."

For a another peek at the attraction, watch Syfy's "Face Off" on March 30 at 9/8c.

"Kong: Skull Island" hits theaters on March 10, 2017.

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